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Reading this article is nauseating, but even more troubling is the ignorance or apathy of the American people about the evil doings of the regime that rules their lives.
That's why is imperative that the worst and more openly oppressive of both partners in crime the infamous GOP, remains in power to squeeze the last drop of blood of their subjects, and maybe then they will react accordingly. Is the only hope of redemption.
Democrats only prolong the agony with false hopes of change.

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How can anybody prevent a carefully planned false flag event. Have you heard the phrase "We need another Pearl Harbor"? The founding members of the "Project for the New American Century" William Kristol, Robert Kagan (husband of the architect of the 2014 Ukranian Neo-Nazi coup d'etat Victoria Nuland, who was Obama and Biden Eminence Grise, and others planned 9/11 years before 2001 as a mean to justify a bid for US world domination by regime change and military interventions. Don't take my word for it Fran, search Wikipedia and other sources and learn about those characters and organization. This is history, not conspiracy theory.

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Even when in general McGovern is not the worst of the breed of spooks and Intelligence Officers, still he is a defender of the realm (regime). His opinions at not time, denounce the clear and manifest proof of a self inflicted black-op event by the regime. How it can be ignored the stand down order from high up of the most defended pieces of US territories to justify the attack, how except for a few remaining steel girders the towers disintegrated into powder that covered the whole of Manhattan and vicinity, (powder not ruble, powder), the disappearance of every security camera in the Pentagon area until this very day, the free fall collapse of #7 where records of missing 400 Pentagon billions in funds were kept, the new insurance policy taken by the new owner Larry Silverstein (Italian guy) for double the value of the condemned buildings a few days before the attack. I remember watching a documentary where the towers' designer, declared that he build them with the capacity to withstand SEVERAL plane hits to the structure and survive the event. Most of the alleged guilty "terrorists" denounced that they were alive and kicking after the attack, and on, and on , and on to perpetuity. Complete silence in a manner identical to the elimination of JFK, issue considered taboo in political and official circles until this very day, same culprits same results, with total and complete impunity.
Let's revive Dallas 1963, and continue the conversation starting from there, first things first..

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When power is taken from corporations, banks and money launderers and finally transferred, to its legitimate owners the American people, criminal empire policies will be eliminated. Naturally, common people don't have predatory instincts and can live in peace with the rest of the world. Capitalism is the only source of evil in the world.

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"Let me make something perfectly clear, "I'm not a crook", So told us Tricky Dick, with one foot on the last helicopter ride that took him into oblivion. At about the same time, the US ended military conscription because during the Vietnam War, they were incapable of properly controlling a citizen's army. Consequently since then, the US Army is a mercenary force, plain and simple. That's the reason why soldiers in the field commit war crimes that are supported and encouraged by their training and field commanders. We must remember that opposing forces are deemed subhuman and expendable rabble. Gook, Chinks, Towel Heads and other equally dehumanizing epithets are of common use. One of the indispensable measures to be taken when America is liberated from the present regime, is the re-introduction of mandatory service for at least two years for boys and girls alike (no excuses or any other alibi).

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I count as one of most precious possessions an autographed copy of "Killing Hope", by recently departed Bill Blum, one of the most courageous and honest American writers of his or any era. May we follow his steps.

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Dear Katherine: I agree with everything that you mentioned 110% in your comment. However, you fail miserably when you are de facto endorsing the official and fabricated story about 9/11, which is fake from A to Z. Too bad though.

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Sorry guest: Right on one count completely wrong on the other. Osama Bin Laden or his ghost, after the event openly declared that he had nothing to do with 9/11. Stands to reason, that the US enemy number one would take pride and joy on claiming responsibility for the event, which he didn't.
As for Saudi Arabia, the only reason George Bush allowed the expatriation of Saudi officials and their families, was because they had already decided to blame Bin Laden and they feared reprisal against them. Also because is a known fact the economic ties between the Bush dynasty and the Saudis. Please, for this reason only, believe a New York insider and wheeler dealer by the name of Donald Trump who during his 2016 campaign clearly told us "9/11 was an inside job". That and the US regime's execution of JFK are the only truth on both affairs.

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9/11 was a coup d'etat, in the same manner as the assassination of JFK. Perpetrated and still unanswered and unpunished by the regime and its acolytes, Democrats as well as the glorious GOP. It didn't take long after Eisenhower, good or bad, issued his warning about the forces who really hold power in the US would take the reins of the government in their hands. That's the issue and the reason why and how 9/11 took place, because the previous coup of Nov. 23 in Dallas, was successful. Even master Trump, in an irreverent confession during his 2016 campaign said:"9/11 was an inside job". It's not enough to know the truth but most importantly to draw the proper conclusion about events that have taken place.
US "Democracy" will never admit or atone for those crimes against its own people, only a radical popular uprising will do it.
Let's pray for that glorious event to happen and help the process along until it takes place.

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How many Americans are aware that after WWII many US Generals (specially those in charge of acquisitions), ended up in the board of military suppliers? Not too many.
Those practices are a doctrine at US Pentagon headquarters to this day..
War is a racket? always has been.