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You mean today's edition is OK? Does it show Word Press as controlling sign in or the way that we normally sign in and comment under ICH control.?

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I need your help brother, it so happens that I just opened today's edition of ICH to find that the site appears to be handled by World Press and the comments section has disappeared. I tried to comment by I don't know if my comment was posted or what is going on. I'm an old timer and not an expert on IT can you please tell me what happened?

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You are correct if your opinion about the fairly new science of genetics. As most sciences it is based on Math and math as we all know is deadly since is irrefutable. No speculation is possible, as for the subject of biblical Jews which is the origin of the discussion, they were part of the group defined as Semitic races which is a group of well defined people. This definition was accepted by scholars hundred of years ago before genetics came into the picture. By the way genetics, apply to living organisms and not only to humans.The ones included in the Semitic group to the best of my recollection are: Assyrians, Phoenicians, Arabs, Biblical Jews and Palestinians. If you decide to question the science of genetics, we are wasting our time in debating a dead issue. Also, unless new discoveries prove the case differently, the mythical and elusive pure Aryan race is best represented by the Persians or modern Iranians which are neither blond or have blue eyes (another myth).

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Professor Sand was referring to the term Jewish, in racial terms. The biblical Jew as described by the bible is practically non existent. In the year 70 AD Gen.Titus (later Cesar) destroyed Jerusalem under orders from his father Vespasian and scattered its population to all points of the Roman Empire mainly eastern Europe. As a consequence of this, Jews in through the centuries lost their original DNA by forced or voluntary assimilation with races inhabited in the locations where they ended up.
Jewishness in time, became a religious symbol of the original Semitic group. Since then truly Semitic blood can be found in Palestinians and Arabs who share the original DNA. This is proven scientific fact, not allegations. There is practically no Semitic Jews in Israel, most of them being of Ashkenazi origin from Eastern Russia, Poland and points east.
In fact they were invaders of Palestine who's population lived there thousand of years before their arrival. The bible itself tells us that their patriarch Abraham was born in Ur ancient Chaldea, present day Iraq. The majority of Jews of biblical times didn't even spoke Hebrew which is a difficult language spoken only by the priesthood and educated people. The whole area spoke Aramean from Aram present day Syria, cradle of humanity together with Mesopotamia. Jesus was poor and spoke Aramean being of course illiterate. The Jews as shown in pictures is a Hollywood fantasy since nothing is true. I'm not boasting of my knowledge since is basic historic record, not taught in a deficient American education system by design.

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Consider yourself lucky that you're not Canadian. My country since the end of WWII and ever so slowly, fell into the iron grip of the "Great Satan country where all the evil in the world emanates", as Ayatollah Khomeini correctly described America. The only time when Canada went though a period of relative independence, was during the years in power of Pierre Trudeau, the most hated Canadian PM in US history due to his relationship with Fidel Castro, opposition and denunciation of the Vietnam War and providing safe heaven to many thousands of American kids who refuse to die for King and Country so to speak and many of them never left this country.Today Canada has a deputy PM of Ukrainian stock, whose family had proven German sympathies and her grandfather published a newspaper allied with Nazi Germany. Additionally thousands of Ukrainian Nazis fought in German uniform killing hundreds of thousands of Jews and Russian civilians with great ferocity. They were lead by Stepan Bandera, a man who fought in WWII in SS uniform (lots of pictures in the web). Canada lost 45 thousand men and women fighting Hitler and today we support a Nazi regime implanted by the Evil Empire. Disgusting and revolting situation.
Even worst since this Nazi bitch, is just one step away of becoming PM.

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My Friend: In fact spirituality does not have to be religiously inspired. For people like Americans for example, who from cradle to grave are bombarded with religious dogma of one type or another, religion is a the center of their public and private life. Dr. Erich Fromm a Social Psychologist wrote extensively on this subject and he considered Karl Marx concept of man, a highly spiritual approach to humanism. Don't be afraid and check about it in the web, ideas never hurt anybody even if not in line with our own opinion on the subject at hand. Marx ideas dealt not only with Political Economy but involved many other areas as well.
Also please read about "Cognitive Dissonance" a condition affecting most people in the world for one reason or an other.

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Truer words were never spoken. Are you aware that the founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl, was an staunch atheist? in that respect I'm with the man. This is also true of every Zionist leader and politician up to the present day, who use Jewish religious mysticism for their own ends, again showing a rational attitude applied to evil purposes.

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Can you believe that the architect of the 2014 Maidan Neonazi Coup at an admitted cost of 5 Billion U$, Victoria (cookie bag) Nuland has Ukrainian Jewish blood in her as well as her husband New American Century founder Robert Kagan who is of Lithuanian Jewish extraction? After 6 million Jews incinerated by Nazi Germany in WWII? These Jews are the scum of the world including the majority of them living in the Zionist entity know as Israel. This incredible race in general has no middle ground since I revere dozens of great Jewish personalities in every field of activity denouncing Zionism starting by Einstein who together with dozens of Jewish American academics and personalities denounced the Zionist leaders as fascists in the New York Times before the foundation of Israel, Hanna Arendt, Rosa Luxemburg, Dr. Erich Fromm, Sigmund Freud, Prof. Shlomo Sand who wrote "The invention of the Jewish People", Noam Chomsky (Every US president since WWII should hang according to the Nuremberg Statutes) and countless others. No other race has been able to produce scum at that level in history, that is the truth, incredible contrast with the other benefactors of humanity.

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Russia owes a great debt of gratitude to Vladimir Putin, since he saved the country from oblivion, by recovering its economy and most importantly its military power in every field of equipment necessary for its defense. However on the other hand, Putin's allegiance to capitalism and the oligarchs that robbed the property of the nation and the Russian people, makes him directly responsible for the present crisis. Crisis that threatens not only the survival of his country but also the rest of the world at large..His actions clearly indicate that he expected the US hegemon to allow the tremendous power of Russian natural resources, industry and technical know how to compete on equal terms with America and the rest of the western world. Fatal error of judgement inadmissible for the leader of a superpower.
On the bright side, this dangerous crisis is forcing him to liquidate the remaining elements from Yeltsin's days, that were conspiring in league with the US, to deliver the country into the hands of the true Evil Empire to be balkanized into total submission. Until very recently Putin consistently referred to America and the rest of the NATO gang as our "partners", when in fact they were planning his elimination.
If Armageddon is avoided, Russia and the world will be finally liberated and this manufactured crisis that will unavoidably drag America into a well deserved and overdue implosion.
Let's pray for that blessed event.

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The present situation in Ukraine originates at the end of WWII, when Stalin had to intervine and neutralize every single nazi alive in the country. The elimination of their nazi leader Stepan Bandera by Kruschev in 1959 was nor enough, today Russia has the moral obligation to chase every one of them and finish the job. As for the tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries in the field financed by the CIA, if they are captured they must pay the supreme price customary with their ilk. The complete demilitarization (not to mention NATO wet dream) must be enforced to the letter. Then Russia can retreat to their natural borders and let Ukrainians cook in their own juices and find their own destiny.