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My upbringing in the CoC has some truly memorable moments. My family of 5 siblings all sang a capella, and the preacher's kids - there were 6, all had strong well-harmonized voices. It was them other fellas in the church that couldn't sing!
One aspect I'd hope to encounter in becoming Catholic, was beautiful a capella singing. It isn't always there, and at least on the first Sunday of the month we have to share with the slide guitar. (Unthinkable in my youth)

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This is so beautiful and moving.

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In all the categories there is one important thing missing: The Creator.

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As a former Protestant taught to ignore the Blessed Mother of our Lord, this was, for me, a cool drink of Living Water. Hyfrydol has always been one of my favorite hymns, especially sung as Come, thou long expected Jesus. What a perfect pairing.

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I'm sure, based upon some of the wretched Glories to God I've heard, that it will sound just like a commercial jingle.

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I have seen recordings of this piece on Amazon, and I'm certain you can download it from iTunes, too.

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My first Mass had a slide guitar, tambourine and some other forgettable noise makers. What struck me was that all the songs sounded like commercial jingles. Most Catholic - no....sorry, let me emend that: All of the music sung in Mass at our church is hideous. Except, strangely for the old Protestant hymns that even the Protestants don't seem to be singing any more.

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All the music in our parish sounds like commercial jingles. I have launched a one woman protest by not singing them and praying instead. Is this wrong? Am I being fractious? I don't complain. I just grew up singing beautiful hymns in harmony, and I so love polyphonic ancient music. It truly is otherworldly.

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Mayhap thou meanest "The Astonishing Polytechnics of William Byrd"