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I have friends and family on earth. I'm not running away from home just to mingle with talking horses.

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I believe they announced that they would be crowdfunding a while back, but are only just doing it now.

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Personally, I usually read the roundups in the morning, after I wake up. Insomnia is the only reason I didn't tonight.

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You misunderstand me. I'm not saying it was a good decision, just that it likely made a lot of sense from their perspective. Bear in mind, as any big company, they can only continue working on their projects as long as their investors continue to allow it, because they have the money that provides the means to make these projects. And to investors who don't necessarily care about the show, why would they continue to provide Hasbro with their support (read: Money) if the show begins showing a drop in ratings? In order to not lose investors, they would have to refocus on things which continue to get good numbers, like Equestria Girls and the toys, but not the show. So, they are trying to keep the show alive.

Ratings are very important, and while not every CAN watch the show when it airs (Myself included) people that can really should. It would be better if users of these streaming sites used the stream sites as chatrooms during the episode rather then actual streams for the episode if they are able to watch the show on air.

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Look at it this way: last week's episode had a surprising drop in ratings, when it was a Discord episode. Discord is very popular with Bronies, but perhaps not as popular with the younger demographic. Episode that's popular with Bronies = Ratings drop. The conclusion? It's likely because Bronies stream the show rather then watch on air.

It makes sense if you look at recent events.

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Personally, I own a few t-shirts from WeLoveFine, which I do wear in public. They're pretty obviously pony, but the only people who have cared thus far are fellow fans of the show. Plus, the t-shirts are really comfortable, so that's a plus.

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All I ask is that the colours are pastel and non-offensive. No offence, Seth, but you tend to have pretty bad taste when it comes to OC colours. =P

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Not exactly. Pathfinder was published by Paizo using D&D 3.5 edition rules, due to the Open Game License essentially allowing them to reprint any and all 3.5 rules that did not directly connect to the Forgotten Realms universe. So while Pathfinder has a different universe, it is effectively D&D 3.75 Edition.