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The executioner is my favourite by far. I can picture him windmilling with the sword and axe at his soviet counterpart with some intense dialogue that neither could understand in the bubble translations.

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Do you mean now, or then? She looks say 18 in the 60's. Just sayin' lol

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I suppose I stand corrected. I imagine I am just bias against them because I can't use electronics at work (the one place an e-reader would win out over analog books for me) something about coal trains and passenger trains mixing set off a dislike for electronics in our industry.

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Does anyone actually use ereaders? I always just thought of them as over specialized tablets. Do people use both tablets and ereaders?

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TRAIN always win! Believe me I know.

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This makes me consider using those handy 7-11 time lock safes for my smart phone every once in a while. Instagram has a particular hold on me as of late (@Ragtime_trains).

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"Mr. Slide Ruler this is Mr. Hycospeed, Mr. Hycospeed this is Mr. Slide Ruler."
See we didn't really need Isaac Asimov for this, really. Asimov was just throwing his weight behind the slide ruler camp for good measure.

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Congrats Engineerd! Just so you are prepared, hide your vinyl and tools and make sure everyone knows that toys with batteries or lack of off switches aren't allowed!
My three little flywheels have all either broken a record player, or mysteriously shown up with a tool in hand...depending on which, meant either me or Mrs. Sawyer-Massey were high pitch screaming.

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Just remember to never be around when a drone takes an will never hear the end of it.

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I can't recall the website, but those gifs of explanation of engines are amazing! I remember trying to explain engines to Mrs. Sawyer-Massey and using one of those. She got it then, but couldn't tell you now how it works...*sigh*