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Gotta love that NBC ending. Well done Briebart! Hilarious. Al is the gift that keeps on giving. I look forward to this on a daily basis. Trust me when I say the best is yet to come.

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I think he meant we SHOULDN'T have elected LBJ and not that we didn't. It that case I'm with him.

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The bat has filed for a PFA.

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I thought those two were already in there. Let me get my copy and I'll check back.

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Get the license plate of the semi that hit that. It really did some serious damage.

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The idiot that sent her into that situation should be fired. Another victim of equal opportunity, should NEVER have sent a woman in there. Sad.

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He was misquoted. He didn't say, "I worked with Blackmun on Roe versus Wade." What he said was, "I got that black man a hoe and got paid.

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I'm in total agreement with you. That is really not for me.

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Sadly these guys are meeting the needs of a large segment of our population who have sh*t for brains and live in a world of crayons, rainbows, cartoons and a 30 second attention span.

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Those hecklers will be followed out of the arena by the SEIU Brownshirts and beaten for their sins. Regardless of what happens in 2012 the office of the Presidency has been permanently stained. I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to look at one of those posters of the US Presidents ever again.