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It;s rampant. My own daughter in law posted on her FB page, "It's OK to be Gay", while her daughter, (my grand daughter) was indulging in a teenage lesbian affair. It is useless to talk to them yet...sometimes prayer is the best approach and to wait til the Lord gives direction.

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Lymphatic drainage massage is the best way I know of, but please avoid these New Age type , woo woo, massage therapists. You may end up with worse than clogged lymph glands.

Or read how to massage videos or articles, and trade off with a BF or DH and do it yourselves. That doesn't cost an arm and a leg either and is very pleasant. as well.

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How stupid can researchers be sometimes?!!! All their test proved is that meth will kill anything it comes in contact with, even flu virus.

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'Tens of thousands of loving mothers have lost permanent custody and contact with their children through the abuse of power of America’s Family Court judges. “Fathers who battered the mother are twice as likely to seek sole custody of their children as are non-violent fathers.” -American Psychological Association (

FAMILY COURTS AND FUNDAMENTAL LEGALISTIC CHRISTIANS ARE THE REAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION Video is dedicated to court personnel, and church and family members who support abusers. Hall of Shame: Mr. Marty Warner, Mrs. Helen Warner, former Oregon Representative Betsy Close, Former District Attorney John Fisher, Cindy Haugland, Peggy Warner, Mr. Mark Lawrence, Mr. Daniel Van Eaton, Sarah & Ben Bobeda, Rachel & Jesse White, Pastor Ron & Marijo Sutter, Steve & Kay Dixon, Bill & Linda Heard, Brian and Kathy King, “Right to Life,” Bridgeport Community Chapel members. "