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Thanks. I did more reading, and learned about Absinthe 2.0.2. I updated to 5.1.1 Shift Restored to the earlier version of that FW, and iTunes showed me the JB junk from before that wouldn't open (even though the apps were on the screen, they'd close as soon as tapped). I did a Reset- Erase, and tried Absinthe, but it freezes for 5+ hours at "Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while..."
Disconnected, ran it again, it repaired something, tried again, same problem.

Next I plan to update to 5.1.1 again, the latest version that 2.0.2 supports, and see what happens.

I thought those might be the SHSH blob versions backed up to Cydia, thanks for the clarification. I guess I never opened Cydia during the time period when 5.0.1 was around, because that version number is missing from the list.

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I have an iPad 1, with 3.22 jailbroken.
I'd like to upgrade and jailbreak again using RedSn0w. What's the best way to maintain an untethered jailbreak? Cydia reports several iOS version numbers at the top when I open it, are these the ISPWs I can download and upgrade to then jailbreak from safely?

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"I'd have been happy with a statement that this wasn't progressive and wasn't condoned by them. "

That has been said, for whatever it's worth. The point was that Lorne is more correct. The moderators aren't there to play referee, they are there to make sure the site operates so members can freely say what is on their mind to a wide audience of bloggers and readers looking for mostly progressive viewpoints. If there are some stinker posts that quite a few people disagree with, the solution is not banning, or a boycott. The solution is debate, where the best facts (the facts feminists can easily present) will win.

And I've never supported further debate in Parliament over settled women's rights to body autonomy, as another of your commenters has suggested elsewhere.

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I have some sympathy for those that say it's not FPTP's fault for the result, because all parties agreed to participate knowing the rewards and pitfalls, and played anyway. However, look at who created the system, and then look at who exists now, and it doesn't seem so fair anymore. Why does the status quo, the Liberals and Conservatives, and even the NDP get to continue the system even though most people feel it's not being very fair anymore?

Yes, changing the rules of the electoral system now might result in some other parties getting a voice in parliament, but why is that bad? If the ideas of the Conservatives (and Liberals) are so weak as to be overcome by the ideas of minority parties, then maybe they aren't good ideas after all! Do Canadians want to protect the jobs of current politicians, or tease out the best ideas to run our nation?

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I'm terribly disappointed in Mercer for missing such an obvious fact. At least he's backhandedly endorsing May, without even realizing it!

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Yes, Rick is quite wrong, and strangely so since May's whistle stop tours of Canada took place both in 2008 and 2011. I guess he lives in the same sort of bubble that the rest of the CBC and Broadcast Consortium fashion for their personalities.

May also conducted a Skype campaign, at one point holding a video conference with Linda Keen who endorsed May from across the country.

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Looks like a cool film, more details about how to see it would be appreciated.

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Is that for planes with, or without engines though? ;-)

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There's more than one lie though, I addressed the other elephant in the release, which is a mis-characterization of our political system designed to advantage the Conservatives because they're framing the election as an "us vs. the coalition" when it's not that kind of system.

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Fewer votes? I know you're a smart person, so I'll let you add the votes of the opposition parties from the last election, compare them to the Conservative vote total, and see who got fewer of them. You're apparently going to be surprised.