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Oh praise jeebus, I finally remembered my password and I can post here again! And I can't wait for DWTS to begin again Bristol-free!

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I love this article - but it deserves a mention of the murdering bronco, which killed its sculptor!

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I live here too. I heard some of this and forgot about it. I find it freaking hilarious that people believe all of this. I want some of what whoever dreamed this up is smoking.

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I can see that. I loved the Nerd Burps after the meal.

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Team Black Hat raht cheer, but in the second picture it looks as if he's wearing mom jeans.

Did anybody else wonder why nobody got a penalty for not completing the first detour?

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I can relate! I just got a snotty email asking for something, which I had sent to that very party last week! He claimed he didn't get it, but email tracking said he did!

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I have first-hand evidence as to what happens to a puppy who isn't socialized correctly. We received a puppy whose stray mother was deemed to be at death's door, and was "euthanized" (with a shotgun) by my parents' tenant. We did our best to raise the puppy, first with an eye dropper, then a bottle, etc. Bless her heart, that dog was never right, but we loved her.

The people who run puppy mills and do this to the poor animals *on purpose* are racking up karmic retribution. I hope the universe sorts out their appropriate punishment, if law enforcement doesn't get them first.

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Did you catch that his mother said "listen" to him while he was having his meltdown? I wonder if he has partial hearing. One would dare to speculate that, as they say, other senses become more acute when you are missing one. Therefore, I expected him to have a better sense of smell/taste than the others, but alas, no.

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Cowboys FTW. They just need to count their coconuts this time.

The Globetrotter's lack of...analytical ability worries me as well. They're great guys and amazing physical specimens, but apparently just from the neck down.

Love the recap, as always! Yay 19th season!

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Ouch. That reminds me of the time my friend set me up on a date with her co-worker, also a mortician. He was about my age, mid-20s, and he was being inducted into Treasurer or something of the Masonic lodge. He took a vow of temperance on our "date."

This was NOT a good fit.

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