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Have fun! :)

Sorry to see you go, but if it's not fun for you anymore and if you think you're done, it's for the best. *hug*

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You know, I was going to reply to this, then realized I'm getting more than enough for my own blog post (around when I started the third paragraph) and decided to make it a blog entry. XD Hopefully, I'll have it up and coherent tonight (spelling is no guarantee because my dominant eye's a bit messed up from the cellulitis and I can't see too well out of it at the moment - good news is I shouldn't lose sight permanently from this).

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Congrats again, and get well soon!

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Also, I wish you a speedy recovery. Knee sprains suck.

but, congrats!! :D

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That reminds me of my pet peeve when out running: I hate it when I accidentally yank my headphones out of my ears! I'm a huge fan of earbuds just for the convenient size (and the fact that you can get a decent pair of external sound-cancelling earbuds where I live for about a fifth of what a proper pair of sound-cancelling earphones would cost, which since I work in a busy office that doubles as a break room for some people is a big boon - sometimes I'll use my earbuds as earplugs even if I'm not listening to music), but when I snag the wire with my arm, it's disorienting, loud, and annoying!

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Thanks Steve! :D I think it's pretty awesome that my (admittedly rather amateurish) little blog made your list.

Happy New Year!