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this is perfect, and so utterly, utterly relevant to right now.
thank you for writing this.

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if you go to they have a link on the side of the page I think where you can go through and identify your boob shape (wide set/splayed/narrow/etc) and they will tell you what kind of bras will fit you best!
and they send you a 10% off discount along with your results!

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that actually does make me feel a lot better, thank you :) yay science!!!

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on the other hand when I get really mad at this I think to myself, "well at least those assholes have made themselves really fucking visible so now we know who to avoid."

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omg my sister is hosting a big fundraiser for her team for the American Heart Association Heart Walk so she brought together what I THOUGHT were a bunch of small women owned businesses for one day of Shop for a Cause where you pay $5 to get in, you can buy raffle tickets for stuff, and a portion of the proceeds from each seller goes to her team so the idea is "get some holiday shopping down while you support a good cause etc etc!" but I read the companies you listed and was hit with this sinking feeling and ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE MLM SCHEMES YOU MENTIONED IS GOING TO BE THERE AT THAT FUNDRAISER. I feel so betrayed! I already promised her I would volunteer and was thinking about buying some things but was also worried because I looked at some of the products and they are EXPENSIVE and I just don't think that many people are going to show up as a result and she won't make any money for her team. but also, is the AHA even a good thing to donate to?!?! like do they actually do good things?! do they spend their donations wisely?!?! I have no idea! I have no idea if she has any idea!

She's also done Cabi parties in the past (also v. expensive), I thought it was a woman who designed the clothes and made them herself then I checked once I picked up my jacket from her and the tag said Made in China.

It breaks my friggin heart that my sister is basically one of those women who sell things to friends now when she HAS A FULL TIME JOB ALREADY THAT SHE IS GOOD AT AND WHERE SHE MAKES GOOD MONEY. Also that she is not a feminist. That also makes me sad.

Sorry I had a detective breakthrough moment followed quickly by a rush of sad feels. How do I fix this

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I walked downstairs once to find one going on in my living room, it was the best "you completely forgot what was happening in your home tonight" surprise EVER. I loved the people there, I loved the wine and chocolate, and I really loved taste testing edible lube. Best paycheck ever spent (before I even got it oops fiscal responsibility what's that).

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Thank you!!

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I would just like to say I have an interview on Monday and I'm getting a lot out of this entire thread/Businesslady answers and my little sociologist's heart goes pitter patter whenever I can sink my little claws into something as an opportunity for 'women helping/mentoring women in/about the workplace' so this is very exciting for me and I enjoy all of you very much and thanks.

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HERE for this. Whenever I hear someone say, "oh I don't like black girls" or whatever (citing a recent example someone said to me, not to name names but he's a real douchebag in other areas too) it blows my mind. Like, you do realize that this entire group of people you're claiming to not be attracted to isn't actually a monolithic group, they are not all the same, they come from all different places, with different backgrounds, interests (SOME OF WHICH ARE DEFINITELY THE SAME AS YOURS), passions, skin colors, body types, educations, family structures, religions, sexual orientations, political affiliations, ETC ETC and KEEPING THIS IN MIND it is literally impossible for you to justify not liking or being attracted to them by anything other than skin color, which YES I BELIEVE MAKES YOU RACIST.

We have locked people out of the position and privilege of being desirable and valuable and therefore wanted based on really really stupid and horrible reasons, and it's awful and horrible and I hate everything. I think a lot of sexuality (though certainly not all) is based on social constructions of desire, and that is a damn shame because that is a HELL of a lot of love we are missing out on as a result.

/end rant. Obvi it's a lot more complicated than that but I'm tired and things are poop. Poop on things, especially racism.