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Good point, I didn't notice the "International" claim earlier. That's actually really funny.

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I merely proposing that this is what the Christian Faith outlines within it's own doctrine. The minister, claiming to be a Minister of the Christian Faith, would seem to be contradicting himself by doing this in the name of Christ. My personal opinions as to what should and shouldn't be tolerated do not necessarily line up with this. Whether or not the USA should do these things as a whole is a different matter. The standards of tolerance, I believe, are outlined within the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Code. The interpretation of these laws are not up to me to decide, but Federally Appointed Officials. This is why I feel strongly that the U.S. Government should not be religiously affiliated in any way.

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This is a public opinions column. I'm asking you to back-up a claim you made. This is the nature of discourse. You stated a claim, opinion of otherwise. I didn't understand your claim so I asked for a clarification. You presented an argument within your claim. "If we bend to far, then we will fall as a nation." I presented a counter-argument: "I don't think this line exists" and presented evidence to support my claim. I am not asking you to justify your opinions, but when you say something, you have to understand that the moment a thought leaves your mind it is open to criticism. That is the nature of forums, opinion or otherwise. Now, if you would please present a counter-argument, or any evidence to support your claim that we are going too far as a nation, that would be appreciated.

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Where is this line? Where are we going too far to be tolerant? I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist, but please give me a specific example. Also, wouldn't Christ be considered too tolerant? He literally allowed himself to be taken custody, beaten, mocked, and crucified, and while being crucified begged for the forgiveness of those doing these horrible deeds. Seems like Christ doesn't have a line distinguishing between tolerance and going too far.

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Did Christ not teach of Tolerance? Mark 12: 31. Building a Mosque is not the same thing at all. You assuming those attending the Mosque are the same as those who committed the attacks. The terrorists are Muslims in the same way Lutherans are Catholics. This is a branch, an offshoot, of a different belief than that held by Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims do not believe in attacking people of other faiths. The Mosque is meant as a place of peace and worship. Burning the Quran on the other hand is meant as an act of hate-speech. Christ would never approve of this kind of action; to take his name as a justification of this hateful act is wrong. Was Christ not tolerant of the Pharisees and the Sadducees? Name one instance in the New Testament where Christ does anything similar to an act like this. The point is, Christ taught a message of love and peace, and would not approve of hatred towards anyone.