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Basab, Indian companies have to learn to compete better. At this point the competitive strategies are "Ident-i-Kit", with absolutely no creativity. All companies are talking about large account relationships, multi-line-selling and...ahem...non-linear models.

I just asked this question on my blog: Is the salmon-season over for the Indian big bears?

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Hilarious post, Basab! The Gult naming convention seems like a real-world example of

Just add needed alphabets for uniqueness, without losing brevity. ;-)

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Agree with @Nikhil...non-fiction doesn't need to be boring. Stories, anecdotes, and mystery can all be weaved into the content. Depends on the author's style.

I'd say most business books are exXxpanded versions of shorter articles. In most cases, the shorter article would be worth reading! The book is only meant to give the reader the sense that they are getting their money's worth in pages.

In many ways, it's not too different from the audio CD. Most albums have only one or two songs worth listening, but buyers had to buy the whole album. After iTunes, that changed (except, maybe, for Pink Floyd albums <a href="" target="_blank"> ). I suspect the same has to happen for business books. Sell the book by the chapter!!!

Maybe that's the killer app for the iPad. Books-by-the-chapter!