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I VERY MUCH AGREE WITH THIS POST! I left christianity at the age of 14 and was furiously angry. I'm 81 and only in the last 10-12 years can speak civilly to theists who god bless me anyway with a pious smile.

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I agree with your fears. It is most likely too late. Ah... we manic depressives love to muddle in.... Kidding aside, this subject needs thought.
We have an utter maniac at the helm and the asshole has a basement room where he can fondle the red button and drool.

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I AM CONSIDERED A NASTY PERSON by many persons who have tried to recruit me into the christian ranks. I ask them, especially the mothers, how the victorious soldiers test and determine the girls virginity. Do they politely ask the dying mother or do they uh?
Christian mothers hate that questian and I have even lost friends by asking them what they think. I've never recieved a satisfactory answer.

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I for one disagree with the apple and orange comparison presented here and in the June 24 post. The confederate flag is ever present in many fotos taken at lynchings. I saw the same flag prominantly displayed during MLK's march where dogs were used by the troopers.
The stars & bars flag is being used as a symbol of all that is, or should be considered degenerate racism and bigotry.
The confederate flag is being used as a defiant, in our face, symbol by those who wish to return to the dark ages of our country and when that is the case, building defenses around free speech for the S-Kicker fllag waver is like sad news.

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As an atheist I do not hold that "life per se has intent." I know that some will argue with at statement. I shrug.

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Things change on a daily basis. Our specific crowd problem is a well controlled political happening that is chilling for the Right. This morning I talked to my neighbor, who is half my age, a food & beverage pro. He and his better half marched on Sunday with a tad less than 100,000 marchers.
Looking at the worldwide scene per PBS I don't see any chance of a handshake solution. So far the semi-violence has been 6 doors away with an excellent cop escort. Wow!

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Or start a new a blog with an old twist. But I rather enjoy the content of AR, DC and Curious Atheist and the people who respond to reasonable arguments on these blogs.


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You are correct, Paul had all his 'foes' done in and waged war on all competitors and did so with fervor Then along came a series of popes, M. Luther, the king of England, the conquistadors slave trade, etc. etcetera. I see a trend. And if you happen to be a witch, welcome to the colony.

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My wife and I live in Hollywood 1 block east of Western and 2 blocks north of Melrose. The 1st night of rampage (Saturday) the looters and the hoodlums were breaking windows abd looting on Melrose and were driven back only 3 short blocks from our home. The police were wonderful. Unlike the police forces in the eastern and southern U.S., our guys very seldom act like hoodlum gangs. Rodney King taught them how to behave in front of cameras. Yesterday's march, actually a parade around Hollywood turned out to be almost Easter Paradeish in freindliness and attitude.
As I'm writing this they are marching once again accompanied by wailing sirens and cheered on by the cellphone press. Me? I'm sitting back and happily watching the cutest marchers in their LA costumes and at the same time bemoaning the loss of 3 favorite restaurants at the hand of the looters.
As far as worrying about my safety, I keep my eye on the street in front of my apartment and depend on my younger neighbors if the need arises.
As far as danger goes I recall the night, actually the early morning (August 15th, 2 am) driving up from a 3 day stopover to see a freind in Tijuana. I had my personal belongings in my crammed to the gills VW Bus sans a radio and drove through the Watts Riot's flames.

Actually, the LA demontration is scary but it isn't as exciting as the San Fernando 2-9-71 earthquake. Standing, bareass naked outside our courtyard bungalow watching the sparks and hearing the explosions felt like the end of the world. My wife wanted to go back inside and I pointed at the 3 story brick apartment 10 feet from our kitchen wall. That night nature, not mankind frightened us. The fires were caused by elecricity. To see the damage the next morning I drove to work via Wilshire Bvld avoiding the debris.

This demonstration has given us only 2 fires; so far. The race relations in LA have somewhat improved and we havent had a public lynching in ages. Even gays have been fairly safe: lately. In many ways and for many reasons we Southern Californians have an easier time adjusting to and living in our changing world than you Southerners who have to cope with the KKK mentality.
My offsprings in Idaho and my wife Pat's offspring in Pennsylvania are far right extremists and we visited Pa. last year and once again knew fear as the natives looked at me with a scowl because of my bushy hair. Philly is much, much more segregated than LA.

This is how we should judge each other. My job in Cleveland had me flying almost monthly around the East Coast and Mid West. Whether we like it or not we all are regional and treat others outside of our circle as less human than our clan. Skin color and religion play a big roll in our selections and this demonstration of cooperating people for a good cause is affecting my outlook positivilly. I haven't seen many negatives in the people who are marching and what's so great is the rarity of tRump supporters.

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In my experience it is next to impossible to reason with a theist because of the language barrier. Reason doesn't ever trump good ol' SKer truth(s).
I hope I'm wrong but The Evidence of miraculous cures from theism are extremely rare.