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Oliver Sacks' "Hallucinations" brings to mind, at least to my mind, an image of good ol' manifestant Paul and his guilt arguments. Arguments that we have rejected as bogus and that they hold sacrosanct. I wish one of us had an answer or an alternative theory of reality that didn't make reference to supernatural explanations.
This means I find it hard to accept the idea that christians can be reasoned with as that assumes that they do use the tools of reason. I agree with C.Valley in that the average christian has heavy duty cognition problems.
Wish someone had the answer but I can't see any possibility that THEY will see the light.

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I'm 81, live in a corner apt, 2nd floor, in Hollywood Ca.. My computer and art board is set up next to a bay window so I can watch the world go by. Unlike most Ca. residents I don't drive any more (since 1995) and when our state cut back on driving noticed a strange and unusual phenomeon called a blue sky. All in all most of my neighbors stayed home and, didn't gather in groups, wore masks and carried on and kept their distance. There were a few who became self appointed monitors and scolded on foot traffic that didn't obey common sense rules of the road. My wife and I came through this 1st wave without too much inconvenience.
But we are anticipating the 2nd wave of the Covid attacks and pray for miracles each morning and evening... Just Kidding.

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Is it moral to sell a product that does not work to gullible people? Of course it is! Churches do it every weekend. And their clients swear by the results even though the product is bogus.

In the late 1970s my wife and I were partners with a longtime friend in an advertising/marketing agency in downtown Hollywood: 1/2 block from the Chinese Theater. Our next door tenent neighbor was a major modeling agency. Our clients loved to visit our office. We developed ideas and marketing programs for major and minor clients.

One day a client/friend who owned a softcore direct mail publishing company dropped by and showed us an order for a product he invented and sold through classified ads in trashy porno mags. We had brain-stormed the name of this product maybe 6 months before. It was a simple thing: a 12 inch rubberband with a 2 ounce lead fishing weight attached. We had named it: Acme PeePeeStretcher.

The PPS was tied to your penis and the weight would do its job while you walked , or better yet, jogged.

The amusing aspect of this order? It was the second order from the customer and it was for 2 Stretchers and it included a note of satisfaction. The customer insisted it worked.

So instead of wondering about the morality in selling your amp, offer the dummy a half price on the second amp. Twice the power of prayer!

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It appears that yesterdays wins for Biden will bury Bernie's chances.
Yes Biden should choose a younger running mate. There are a dozen or so qualified women to consider.

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My wife and I both lean heavy toward Bernie but will support Joe. An impossible scenario: a Bernie and Joe ticket would never fly.

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Quote from The American Conservative - Rod Dreher "You just shake your head in disbelief at the utter idiocy of this man, and his reckless irresponsibility. The president of the United States going on national television to jaw about this pandemic that has brought China and its economy to its knees, and now threatens the entire world, talking like he's Cliff Claven at the bar in Cheers!"

I'm not a conservative any longer, but try to see the world from all points of view and subscibe to both sides on Email.

By the way I am quite upset at the stock market plunge and the damage that is being done by our Supreme egotistical anti science village idiot who has ravaged the EPA and the Health Dept. by removing the (knowledgable, talented) experts and replacing them with doners and cronies. Whether we elect Biden or Bernie we have to vote tRUMP out of office.

I hope this post is not deleted by censors.

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I seem to be in the minority in that I remember Biden as being as lackluster politically as Pence. Of course I will support him and vote for him. Considering his opponent I might even donate to his campaign. As to the fear of socialized medicine by the powers in our country I have to side with my family. A cousin of mine, around my age, was an official of the laborer union in the state of New York. His family lived or lives in Niagara Falls. His wife is Canadian. I believe they had 3 children, born and delivered in Canada.

As to the Dems who say they just can't vote for Bernie... Wow!

tRUMP wants to shake your hand while he picks your pocket for spare change to build his wall.

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MY FAVORITE King production is "Dead Zone" and Christerpher Walkins psycho character is mind-boggling.

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I thought Kubrick's "The Shinning" was inferior to the TV version. I cut school, Jr. High?, and spent the day munching popcorn, fifth row-center, watching "The Thing" in a downtown threater. A friend of mine was one of the shower scene girls in "Carrie." What do you think of "Misery?"

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tRUMP finished off Clinton by hammering on her using her personal email account for official U.S. business.
tRUMP will have a field day hammering Biden and Son about their Ukraine dealings.

Biden doesn't fight dirty enough to overcome the dark angel of evangelicalism.
Bernie spends to much time denouncing corporate fascism and cannot lay out a 'detailed' coherant platform of action on his proposals.

In 1960 I voted for Goldwater. Bad, stupid me!
In 1980 I voted for Reagan. Really stupid-stupid me!
In 2000 I voted for Gore. Oh Well.
This year I'm for Bernie and wish that there existed an atheist's prayer.