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How do you know when you've "made it" in the cookie biz? When you design your own cookie cutters and sell them on!! Congrats! That's awesome :) Looking forward to the 12 days of Korea/Christmas :))
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Antarctica huh...hmmm...what could I not live without? Ooohhh I know! I couldn't live without my flip flops!!! Even with temperatures that cold I'd still want to shuffle around the house in my flops :)
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Absolutely love these...especially the tape measure :)) So cute!!
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Congratulations Winners!! Your designs were were all the other designs! Great contest LilaLoa...thank you!!
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The lollipop cookies are amazing! Super em!
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Too funny!! Husbands are really the creative ones now aren't they ;) I too picked up this cutter but was too intimidated to give it a try. Thanks for showing me it doesn't have to be straight from within the box! Love your birds!!
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Adorable! I love how the dots on the umbrella go "into" the creases...little touches like make your cookies completely amazing!!
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I think I vaguely remember a post of yours awhile back mentioning you have an 18m old so I think we're in the same boat. I have a 21m and an almost 6m...oh and an adult sized 4 year old most evenings I too don't want to know what's going on :) I only know because I deal with repercussions of the new habits like standing on the table or sucking on the window that Daddy taught them ;) cookies and ice cream save my sanity!
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HAHA I'm a closet ice cream eater too sometimes ;) These are adorable!
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I'll do it if you do it Carrie!
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