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If Climate Change is a reality, as in different to the normal climate change of this planet, there remains no proof it is caused by miniscule humans.

Indeed, the greatest danger to this planet is not fossil fuel but the drowning of the environment in synthetic medications, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers and plastic.

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The Jews/Zionists confect all sorts of crap to try to pretend they have some link with the Middle East. Walk the streets of Tel Aviv and many of the 'Jewish' Israelis are blonde, blue-eyed Germanics. Ashkenazi, as you say.

Very few Jews have any Semitic links. The orthodox who are inbred come close but most Jews do not. There are more Christians and Muslims with semitic links than Jews but that does not give them rights to the Middle East.

Indeed, the ancient Egyptians were talking about the Palestinians, fighting with them, trading with them, negotiating with them for 2,000 years before they mentioned wiping out a couple of tribes in Palestine, Israel and Judea, who had set up camp in the place.

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There never was a two state solution and that always was Israel's call.

The crime the Palestinians commit, is first and foremost because they are not Jewish and therefore inferior human beings, if not subhuman, and secondly because they dare to resist occupation by those superior Jews. Except of course most Israeli Jews are not Jews but pretend Jews who are atheists.

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This is a fascinating article which is brave in the extreme. Unless we understand our history, and that includes followers of religions like Judaism, we will never understand who we are.

A study of history, open, objective, free is the only way to gain insight into how cultures, religions, people, become who and what they are. History is about studying facts, not casting blame.

Sanctifying Jews and Judaism has created the horror that is Israel. Israelis deserve better, so do Palestinians and so does the world.

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It matters not a toss where Jews lived. Religions do not get land rights.

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Israel may not be going anywhere but its occupation, colonisation and apartheid nature certainly is. There will be a one-state solution and it will not be a backward religious state, but a democracy and the Palestinians will be a majority and there will be right of return for the 8 million Palestinians in the Diaspora and Israel will probably be returned to what it has always been, Palestine.

Your Biblical State of bigotry on that count is doomed. The Palestinians have rights to their land the European Zionist colonists do not.

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Nations do not have friends, they have interests.

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You are kidding. The special relationship has always meant craven compliance. At least since the Second World War.

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Palestine is both occupied and colonised.

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Yes, of course, but no religion is not likely so we have to move to make religions civilized and enlightened.