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So let me get this straight... Effy looks "deeply disturbed" while Eura is "alluring". Effy is "creepy" while Eura is mysterious as quoted "wouldn't that ruin the mystery of Eura if we knew her every move?"..

The logic in this... *facepalm*

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LOL bravo! Can someone get a crown for the drama queen? I can't believe you take this to heart and call me names and post this up everywhere. When people see what you've written they'll finally realize how much you judge on looks by insulting me or other people.

I don't take this seriously, I find it friggin' hilarious because the moment your co-workers find you or people that take you seriously...well, will they ever?

Watching too much Gossip Girl does tends to make you a high maintenence sensitive princess. You are like a porcelain doll, only good for children, and very easy to break. If you did have a life you would have just ignored my second reply :P

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lol, you sound like my 13 year old sister. You don't usually respond to negative people, ever heard of the quote "takes one to know one?" hypocrite, LOL I need my eyes checked. You've also obviously taken offence to my comment when I said 'no offence' in the first place XD Stop typing and start thinking. Not everyone wakes up looking like a superstar or looks gorgeous without make-up and your blog is doing entirely that. Alot of your work colleagues must think your a bimbo for writing stuff like this or either think you have the same glacial beauty as an ice-berg but unlike the ice-berg you have absolutely nothing below the surface.

LOL I'd rather be full of hatred then full of shallowness and putting faith on materials and beauty that fade "seeping *through* my outer core" (jesus before you learned to put on make-up I suggest you learn how to put at least ONE proper sentence together) lol where did you find that sentence anyway? A Stephan King novel.

Make-up can't save me but that doesn't make-up for the fact that you wanted surgery.

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Dawn Yang really doesn't look that bad before or after. She looked naturally beautiful before, compared to Michelle Phan with caked on or removed make-up...or Christina Alguilera...or Katy Perry in the morning...

No offence just some of the things you post like nose thinners and half european looks...sounds very insecure. I always wonder without contact lenses or dramatic eye make-up if asian girls can actually look natural... putting on make up all the time makes you age quicker...

Keep putting on make-up and you'll end up looking like staygorjess