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Time for a coup! And if that doesn't work, then buckle your chin straps!! Civil War will be our only option!!!

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Briiiing it, big lipped black boy!!! The real deal won't be on the stage or in a studio with fake guns/bullets. Kinda' like your big mouth! Fake! We'll see what you do when your punk daddy Obuma declares martial law and we get the party started. When the real shit starts to fly! Betcha' your skinny ass is duckin' real low like when your boyfriend Bubba is hammerin' you in the shower!

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Yup! The judge will be getting a "late night visit". He can either do like all of the other judges that have wussed out to the Criminal thugocracy that inhabits the WH, or he can pull a "Brietbart" and just drop dead.

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Damn Tex., you make real Americans proud. Keep up the good work, patriots! We'll beat these anti-American traitors yet!!!

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Hey! Soros spent lots of money setting that up! And he doesn't want Stalin to be getting any of the credit!!

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Granny, your assessment is spot on! Your wisdom in this matter shows your knowledge of worldly events and the Bible. I've been a student of End Times Prophecy/World Events, etc. for more than 40 yrs. and have arrived at exactly the same conclusions. We must be ready, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Plus, we must resist at every level. The A-C must be revealed!

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Right the fu__ on! This POS Imposter and his hoochey mamma wife are a disgrace to the Constitution, to our country and to our heritage. He will soon be declaring martial law and sending his Brown Shirts (TSA, DHS, etc aka "National Citizens Army") into our homes to confiscate weapons and escort many of us to their FEMA camps. The states/patriots must resist at every level! All able bodied men/women should start joining their State Guards and Constitutional Militias. Most of our Sheriffs are Constitutionally oriented (Oathkeepers)and patriots can join up with their reserve forces. We must prepare now!!! God Save The Republic!!!

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Ya'll ain't seen nuthin' yet! The Imposter will be staging a False Flag soon, signing the UN Small Arms Treaty as well as a total Amnesty for all illegals. The resulting riots, will morph the martial law, declared by him into a full out civil war. We must be ready! Americans (the real ones)cannot tolerate this abomination any longer.

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Tommy, I don't know you but apparently you are either one frustrated patriot or a govt. troll, looking to suck in other patriots so that they can be charged with Sedition/Treason by this illegal admin. If you are the former, being a patriot, you need to know that you are giving this illegal bunch of rogues a reason to pay you a visit at about 4am in the morning, kicking in your door and hauling your butt off to jail. As well as any others on this site that fall into your suggestions. You need to not be involved in seditious behavior and work Smart to remove these cockroaches. And if you are a govt. troll, know that I have printed this out and stashed in a very hidden location in case you try and come after me. God Save The Republic And Her Patriots!

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You are spot on about being in a civil war but it won't just be the Muslims. Obama and his thugs have been strategically lighting the fires under the classes, the races and the different political parties. The war that you speak of will in fact, be a civil war with racial overtones. Real Americans vs. Muslims, La Raza, Black Panthers, SEIU radicals and various Entitlement Addicts. At some point, probably when the Imposter signs off on the UN Small Arms Treaty, he will call in foreign troops. It looks like the Bible, Nostradamus and George Washington's Revelation are all about to come to pass. Patriots must organize now! We need to align ourselves with our State Govt.s Guards (as long as they are adhering to the Constitution), Sheriff's Depts. Volunteer Possies, Const. Militias, etc. For Info go to <a href="" target="_blank"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <a href="" target="_blank">
www.SheriffRandyMack' <a href="" target="_blank">