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Here's a hot PEI story (I'm trying to comment a lot while I still can...)

I met Roberta Bondar, Canada's first female astronaut, outside of Anne's room at Green Gables, when she tried to give my dad photography tips (which is amazing). The whole thing was Peak Canadian Woman.

She was like "I'm Roberta Bondar, the astronaut" and I was like I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. (I had what was essentially a shrine to the Canadian space team in my childhood bedroom.)

My dad sent her the photo to sign, which she did, and now I have a signed photo with me and Roberta Bondar outside Anne's room in Green Gables, and, well, life is good.

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No you do not and the whole thing is very very gross. I am too glib sometimes.

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LOL - at our last retreat we were exhorted to order room service for the last breakfast because I guess they didn't want to organise/attend a final meal? Everyone's breakfast cost like $40+. Glory. I did not feel any guilt or horror at all.

Fancy hotels are basically designed to help business people rack up big business write-offs. Like the $21 salads downtown. Same deal.

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This is giving me flashbacks to my teenage-hood with my divorced father.

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I'm so sorry.

Reddit also has cycling subs for many cities, which can be quite enthusiastic about trying to find stolen bikes.

Ugh I remember the mild post-traumatic symptoms I had after my bike was stolen (which nicely coincided with a break up with the guy who helped me buy it) and every time I saw a red bike I was like "IS THAT IT" for weeks.

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Just popping in to say - I saw the Heathers musical and it was great!

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Yes, generally, but I think the real problem here is open insubordination and morale undermining, which are actually damaging. It's one thing to accept that you are going to have to teach interns a lot of things, including about corporate culture, and they won't always get it right. It's another thing to keep people around who have proved that they think nothing of openly criticising management - in writing! - around the office.

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Yeah, we don't call our interns interns - they are called articled students. And they get paid, not lawyer money, but decently. And they have to article in order to get called to the bar, and they are not that valuable in themselves. They certainly cost more than they bring in.

I wouldn't call taking articled students a service firms provide, exactly, but it kind of is. Some firms don't do it because they feel like it's too expensive and not valuable enough. If every firm did that, it would sure be hard to get called to the bar.

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But the thing is - you don't know it's "a bunch of dumb shit". Those firms are successful at what they do. You may not like it. It may not be your style. But there's a reason for how they behave.

And frankly, in lots of conservative industries, "compelling leaders" are not a good fit. I work in a large-ish law firm. There are a few leaders. They are not me. I'm a mid-level associate. I'm fucking bad-ass in court, I'm a good mentor, I'm working on developing my own practice, I'm good at recruiting - there's lots of scope for me to use a variety of skills, but none of them are "petitioning management for change". If I felt compelled to do that, I would be a liability, not an asset. I do have ways I try to change management, and I do work with other people to do that, but not in a rabble-rousing way.