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Well you look at Africa and South America too, I wonder if maybe the misshaped bits are from Gem terraforming before the rebellion kicked them off planet.

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Totally a Korrasami/Sailor Neptune+Uranus moment.

Lovers but scrubbed up all squeaky clean to satisfy prudish American parents :P

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Be sure to check out the rest of Greg's stuff like the negative MAS!

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Jesus the comments there are defeatist.

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Who did the voices? They're so accurate... Mostly the announcer.

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Pretty great video! Reminds me that I've been wanting to cover this song too...

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Applejack best pony.

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Well yes of course, I'm well aware of that, it's why the "legally-distinct-from" tag is so important! =D

But let's not pretend that it's completely originally-thought-of content, what with the "Sun Queen," "The Night Mare," and "Princess Luminace, goddess of Friendship, Magic, and Books."

I enjoy their flutterpony rules as well. The idea that a horde of breezies amalgamated into one large sentient being is both adorable and terrifying.

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I've had these books for about 2 weeks now (wooo kickstarter!) and they're pretty dang good! The content meshes well with my current campaign, which is being run with both the Ponyfinder core book and Griffons of Everglow. I was really excited that they finally added in a legally-distinct-from-Cadance goddess of love as well. Go buy them all and support the content creator!

The only thing I'm really changing is that instead of using their map (which is rather tiny and the names aren't nearly as fun), I'm using this fanmade one.

My players won't know what hit them when Appleloosa is invaded by wild hogs from Boardor.

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Didn't we hear about EqG 3 like months ago in a tweet from someone making it?