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Smaller government, not military. Government meaning stop spending money on illegals, get rid of these bloated bureaucracies and their thousands of employees (Depts of energy and education are two that could be shut down entirely), stop paying to study shrimp on treadmills and why lesbians are fat. Stop spending 500 million dollars on websites that don't even function properly. I could go on and on and on and on. A strong military is one thing we should have but even there that doesn't mean the military should be doing things like spending $600 on a toilet seat. I have read numerous accounts of how gov't bureaucracies including the military just spend without a care in the world. There needs to start being some accountability to get rid of the waste and fraud. The country cannot sustain the course we have been on.

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Yes I want all immigration stopped for at least ten years. And if we don't kick out the illegals that are already here, then it should be stopped on a semi permanent basis. We have suffered too much damage at the hands of these people and we need to start the recovery process. You can't recover from something if you keep adding to the injury

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I think the Duggars had too many kids to be able to adequately supervise them. I can't even imagine having 15 or 17 kids to take care of. It's just an impossible task and clearly there are repercussions that stem from the inadequate parenting that inevitably results from having too many kids to be able to properly take care of.

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Did anyone force him to work there? My father came here from Italy with nothing but the clothes on his back literally after the war. He didn't speak a word of English and started off as a laborer making crap money. He worked his butt off and ended up starting his own construction company which eventually employed 300 people. He did that by working 7 days a week with very little time off. He didn't whine that he made crap money as a laborer. He figured out how to make more and he did it without any gov't help for ANYTHING. This was after surviving the bombs in his village in Italy which rained down on a daily basis and with the German soldiers raiding his family farm for food. He said lots of days there was nothing to eat except for maybe an onion. I have no sympathy sorry with all the help that is available in this country.

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The gov't just giving money to companies or individuals that those companies or individuals did not earn through work is yes welfare. However when a company earns money legitimately and then takes tax credits or deductions to reduce their taxable income and their tax bill, that is not welfare. That is keeping more of what has been earned through work. THere is a huge distinction.

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Yes they are capped that's why they skyrocketed. And employers had to change plans because they got so expensive BECAUSE of Obamacare

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What people want to do is their own business not mine as long as I don't have to pay for it

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I am not demanding that anyone else pay for my surgery am I? It's my problem and I will deal with it. I AM saying that the reason my insurance has gone out of whack IS because of Obamacare and gov't meddling and that IS wrong.

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Of course I know the difference. You are just calling it corporate welfare. If it's a legitimate tax write OR credit then I have no problem with it. Why would I? So all corporate income should be taxable? That's ridiculous. Individuals get deductions as well as credits also. As I said, I think there should be no income tax at all. And sorry i have seen LOTS of people paying with EBT cards and that is exactly what they look like.

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The bailouts I agree are ridiculous. I am all for earning money ethically but I am not for greasing politicians hands and getting favors in return which is just corporate cronyism. If the tax deductions are for legitimate items then fine, if they are for things that are only write offs because the company got some sort of favor from the govt then that is wrong. And the bailouts are absurd. I am for sink or swim, both corporate and individual