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Agreed. So quietly reduced that even a lot of people reading alternate media sources are not even aware of it.
It is one of the significantly largest data frauds in recent medical history.

Also anybody who is not aware of the way death certificates are filled out since March 2020 to be tailored to produce excess Covid deaths should watch this video:

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"So now these companies are going to censor what was told to the government and decide what viewers will be allowed to consider from the public debate"

The heart of the matter is that since the beginning of mass communication governments and those who control the creation and distribution of content have only ever selected what they want you to see,
Look at any of the large circulation newspapers going back 50 years in the UK - The Daily Mail and The Mirror would and still do tell you who to vote for before elections in the most direct manner. One will focus on the bad haircut of Bojo while the other would accuse Corbyn of anti-semitism.
For a few moments the internet showed what real diversity of opinion could be like in a public forum so who is surprised that those wishing to control political and social narrative try to do the same thing ie publish only what they want you to see.

What confuses me is that there are enough tech savvy geeks out there to create alternative platforms with the same services offered. A mass migration from Youtube to another provider as witnessed with 500k people leaving Twitter is still enough to scare the technocrats and oligarchs. However, I am sure our rulers are already thinking hard of better ways to stifle the voice of the individual.

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Impossible that there is a coup in Washington - there is no US embassy!

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Hi Evelyn - did you watch the Michael Hudson / Pepe Escobar video posted on this site yesterday?
Really some great insights into how the super rich dispossess ordinary people. Edifying!

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Trickle down is when you know the 0.1% are pis*ing on you!

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Chris Hedges is one of the most honest journalists I have ever read.

From his fist fighting drug dealers days on the streets as a minister of the church to his gold years as an internationally renowned journalist and today his voice crying truth in the wilderness; he has never changed his moral stance.

If he has not always my total agreement he does have my total admiration and respect.

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Paul Craig Roberts has demonstrated time and time again his integrity over the years.

Why are you asking ICH to fact check???
That is what the readers do on this site and then they make a comments.
Bringing into question his truthfulness is weak.

I hate Trump but that is not the point. There has almost certainly been electoral fraud the question now is how was it done, by whom and to whose disadvantage.
I have seen several very strange videos now of observers being kept at intolerable distances from the count and people who are writing on the ballot papers - something you never do. This needs investigating by the US electoral apparatus independently of the actions brought by Giuliani. (Guiliani I beleive for reasons around 9/11 a real sleaze ball but it does not change the veracity - or lack - of his witneeses.)

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Jonathan Cook's heart is in the right place and I love his articles.
However, I am one of the cynically insane.

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"The American empire rose to international leadership by harnessing its economic and military power to a rules-based international order in the first half of the 20th century, culminating in the post-World War II rules of international law."

Well there are a few countries in Latin America; Africa and South-East-Asia that might take issue with that perspective.
There was no fall from grace for the US - it just carried on the same monkey-business that Europe had started. Of course there was lip-service as now there is the manufacture of consent.
When have the white Europeans (including the Ashkenazim Jews - as they are as white and European as can be) ever cared for equity or the rule of law???
Sorry just cannot see it!

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Great post Jimmy - think you covered everything in context there ...