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Great insights and analysis from Mike Whitney!

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Ok My ignorance

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There is so much to say about Desmond Tutu and almost none of it is said in this piece.

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"That party never won an election let alone a plurality of voters but with Hitler’s coup, representative government became a memory"

If I remember correctly the Nazis were elected to office by democratic vote.
The Enabling Act of 1933 gave the dictatorial power but Hitler was already

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While I agree with H Lisnoff's description of the decline into identity politics of progressive thought this phenomena is not about community but about politics.

His idea that there is some form of camaraderie between junkies that may replace a sense of community is strange to say the least. People who band together around addictive behavior are in social disaggregation - they are on the same bus but not going to the same destination; the only thing in common is being on the same bus.

Finally his assertion of the "the proven effectiveness of vaccines against Covid-19" is to ignore what serious studies and current available data is saying:
1) The amount of deaths and serious adverse events linked to the various vaccines is enormous (in relation to other vaccines that have been pulled from the market).
2) It is too early - there is insufficient data - to say what the real efficiency of the vaccines is. (The effect on mortality and the long term effects of Covid19.)

So all in all a poor article IMHO.
Chris Hedges, who is linked in the piece, describes the decline of community in the USA better than anybody I have read or listened to. I also miss the social comment of Linh Dinh through his travels, photographic depictions and anecdotes that used to appear regularly on ICH. That is the type of quality that is needed to raise consciousness; H Lisnoff falls woefully short of the mark.

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"only 3 nations had thermate"
Hi Jimmy,

Don't want to muddy the waters but the type of thermite bindings that seem so have been used on the beams in the towers (perfect diagonal shearing) have also been used in the construction of tramways in Europe to truncate rails during track laying.
So it is not probable that thermite was limited to a few countries. Also I don't see how that changes the evidence of the use of thermite in the destruction of the towers - which seems pretty clear.

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I have probably seen most of those videos. Alas they have been taken down.

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Good point. The two things that Israel has not done to have the right to exist.
Declare its borders based on those that are internationally recognized and create a constitution that gives citizens (not Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Bedouins, Druze, Christians, white Europeans or black Africans) rights.
All modern countries have done this in some way.

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Agreed. So quietly reduced that even a lot of people reading alternate media sources are not even aware of it.
It is one of the significantly largest data frauds in recent medical history.

Also anybody who is not aware of the way death certificates are filled out since March 2020 to be tailored to produce excess Covid deaths should watch this video:

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"So now these companies are going to censor what was told to the government and decide what viewers will be allowed to consider from the public debate"

The heart of the matter is that since the beginning of mass communication governments and those who control the creation and distribution of content have only ever selected what they want you to see,
Look at any of the large circulation newspapers going back 50 years in the UK - The Daily Mail and The Mirror would and still do tell you who to vote for before elections in the most direct manner. One will focus on the bad haircut of Bojo while the other would accuse Corbyn of anti-semitism.
For a few moments the internet showed what real diversity of opinion could be like in a public forum so who is surprised that those wishing to control political and social narrative try to do the same thing ie publish only what they want you to see.

What confuses me is that there are enough tech savvy geeks out there to create alternative platforms with the same services offered. A mass migration from Youtube to another provider as witnessed with 500k people leaving Twitter is still enough to scare the technocrats and oligarchs. However, I am sure our rulers are already thinking hard of better ways to stifle the voice of the individual.