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also I agree that the picture of pete rose is terrifying.

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Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. I submitted this list a long time ago. I didn't include every athlete that has died because that would be a bit monotonous. Similar to if you made a best list and just included a bunch of championships. Change it up a bit. Sorry about some of the jargon, it is hard to write a sports list without it.

As for some specifics:
I am personally amazed that the French still respect Zidane. Regardless of what anyone said, you have to keep your wits and give your team the best chance to win. When you are the star athlete and team captain, that means being on the field.
I have no idea about the ordering to be honest...I wrote this so long ago and recently lost all the files on my computer so I couldn't tell you why.
I think I actually had more entries, I remember researching about the underarm bowling incident and some others.
You guys are correct about the wording of the Louganis entry. Poor wording on my part. Jamie tends not to go back and edit the lists, but maybe you guys can get him to make a change on that one.
I'm not going to have a chance to respond to all your comments but if you guys want to talk respond here.

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We are all eagerly awaiting "Listverse: The Movie." Rumors have it that the lead, an unknown actor named Jamie Frater, has a massive cocaine problem that is holding the project back.

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oouchan does not have a fear of perfectly adequately sized things though, thank you very much.

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One case that I heard recently is of a Spanish speaking driver who was pulled over by a police officer who thought he was intoxicated. The police officer got the driver to take a breathalyzer test, which the driver failed, because he was in fact drunk. Later the driver sued the police saying that he did not understand the police officer since he doesn't speak English, and as a result he never complied to a breathalyzer test, so his rights were infringed.
Of course he won.

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I wish I had more time to read. If you want to read something entertaining, not necessarily "great literature", check out "Apathy and Other Small Victories" By Paul Neilan

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The idea of this comes from film noir. I'm not sure if Double Indemnity was the first, but it was one of the first movies to feature this. The director originally had some critics thinking it was a dumb idea to give away the ending, but it was decided that the film would keep this beginning because of a sense of helplessness it gives the audience. Even when the main characters have a way out, the audience knows where they'll choices will eventually lead. It is difficult for a tv show to achieve the same feeling, so it is less effective in tv shows.

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Interesting list. I thought the Bristol Stool scale only featured going number one or number two.

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Yes Mason, yes it was.

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Can't say I'm fully in favor of the Louisiana Purchase, but good list nonetheless. I mean we could have just stayed on the east coast. Then we wouldn't have to deal with that damn Oregon.