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Oh lord, yes, I did this. Moved in with my boyfriend, first time moving in with someone, and did it by moving across the world to Australia (worth it). Small spaces, especially when it means you have lost your retreat (which used to be my bedroom back in the family home and then was my whole beautiful tiny apartment when I lived alone) can be hella stressful. I cried in the kitchen a lot (which was also tiny). And I worried I had magically become a doormat because I kept letting him make decisions and plans because New Country, Suddenly didn't know how the streets worked, and No Friend Circle. But he was incredibly supportive and understanding about the stresses, and the fact that it was hard and stressful had nothing to do with the strength of our relationship and was probably a useful test of how we coped together (we got married this month, five years later, so we survived it!). I would say talk about your fears and concerns, often it turns out the other person has similar ones too and knowing it isn't just you helps. I would say find something familiar, such as a type of class you used to do that you can do in the new place (mine was yoga) or a coffee shop that can be your retreat until you can get a corner of the new place as yours.

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Make some space to try some random courses, because it may not seem like it, but university does in fact have more time to figure out what you like than work life. Apply for scholarships: you deserve them, that's what they are there for, the application process is a skill that takes practice and will stand you in good stead later on, and there are sometimes fewer people applying than you would think. But also, don't take rejection too personally because academic competition sometimes means you are still awesome but didn't get the prize and should totally try again. Leave lots of extra time for forms because they are crazy-making and always take over twice the amount of time you think they should. And, if you can, just do that thing that is stressing you out. I didn't figure this out until WAY after uni, but you will waste way more energy stressing about it than you would getting it done.

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My bestie totally already bought me the Take to the Sea tote ALREADY (am I super lucky?! YES I AM.) So I have sent a 25$ into the bursary. TOTES FOR ALL!

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Just popping in to be all Cotillion ALL THE TIME.

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AUGH! SCREAMING FOREVER. I have been moved back to Canada for TEN YEARS and still... still.. every time Oklahoma shows up in the news it is for SOMETHING WORSE. And it makes me crazy.

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It is at least halfway deliberate on behalf of animation studios. Like, ok, they are doing Aladdin, let's throw together an Arabian Nights knockoff and get it out before them.

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I don't even have anything witty, just love. So much love.

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Highgate Cemetery! HIGHGATE CEMETERY! I would get like an annual pass and just hang out in its overgrown gloriousness and wander amidst the trees and graves and think Deep and Melancholy yet Beautiful thoughts. I mean... if you like cemeteries. This one is particularly good and much nicer to spend a sunny afternoon in than certain Parisian ones which have no overgrown pathways.

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I had this same regret except I was the one who didn't want to spend the money and so the next time MADE MYSELF PAY FOR IT and was v. pleased.