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Eh. Not a fan of pigtails, though Alicorn Trixie admittedly seems to make them work. Kinda.

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1. I wish that, in the event that my second and third wishes are genuinely granted based on my intent rather than a trick based on the specific wording used, that at the end of my three wishes Trixie may be free from genie-ness or able to use one wish on herself as she desires.
2. I wish to be able to manage my time more effectively.
3. I wish for a copy of my mind as it exists at this time to be sent to Equestria (or physically neighbouring region on the same planet) in either a duplicate of my own body or in a body that did not previously belong to any individual of a sapient species native (or endemic?) to the world that Equestria is a part of.

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Sleepless in Ponyville, because it has Applejack, Scootaloo, and Luna all in the same episode, each with a degree of significance.

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I feel like the only one who recognizes this.
*Ahem*... Trixie's quite the bundle of energy, isn't she?

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I would take the offer, and there'd be... 3 clones, besides myself.
And pony mode? Most definitely.

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Manehattan, I say.

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I read 'Nigeb'. The end, why would you include the picture in the end!? Most terrifying thing I've seen in a while; this is having seen SCP-106, and it's 11pm right now. Oh, and there's a sensor in my house, I don't know what it senses, but it never stops beeping.

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Happy (probably belated) Birthday, Calpain! Who I've only just found out has some science thing going on. Which reminds me, i used to have a scientist streak in me, where'd that go? ...oh yeah.
Anyway, Calpain, as a scientist-or-similar, you're awesome, and as such, deserve an awesome birthday, which I hope and believe is what you had. So, everything works out, I think.

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I would easily eat at Wubway rather than Subway. Or, if Wubway sells music, I'd listen there rather than eat at Subway, because Wubway's still better. Nothing against Subway, I happen to greatly enjoy it, but... it's Wubway with Vinyl and 'Tavi.

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Ah, I see. Thanks.