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IS THERE ANY OPTION TO SEPARATE THEM ONE BY ONE BY FORCE AND MOVE THEM AWAY from each other, promising slap on the face of any of them who eeven try to make a phone call to the other side???

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after longer than ten years of the same it appears under the sunlight but seemingly(???) nobody cares about this news as the purpose of this conflict is other let's seee what real interest turns out in the western democracies? I have no too much hope

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the "empire" is tired, exhausted and unprepared only the fearmongering and 800+ military base which are only scarecrows does not give the empire just a loud mouth!

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it is not disinformation! 700 million against 5 billion the latter is the winner the world does not need the usa does not need the nato the usa needs the world as vassal and this came to an end now

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nato members have different interests each of them & there is no common sense other than the usa illusionary power the member states left in the believing they depend on the usa and the reality is vice versa this is clearly be seen in madrid fracas

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they are not alone have fearless friends Russia and China, by holding firm, may be enough to push the U.S. axis into the grave it deserves.

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yes India does that! in self interest and seeking the grandeur never has as a british colony and still it has a deep influence, hopefully the migrants numbers show the world is full of migrants from India, having no patience to wait for the real well being, hunting sweat dreams, but the same iron can not be at once in two different fire

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there is no surprise ikn BBC-s "reaction" the rethoric is made up and must be followed, the truth has no place in that "western" world

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hijackers do not negotiate, sanction them, leave them for themselves and let them die faster