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the dying beast is yet scratching and meow as a pussycat

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agreed on!!! but there is hope without the greens and stupids someone must have the scientific knowledge how to manage a country into a true {SIC} prosperity, and those people are the industrialists of Germany, and this opportunity is NOW!

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the pipeline is complete! there are some burocrtaic hindrances made up by outer forces on the € and now the pipe should work, delivering the prices are going up due to the USA recent actions

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what Germany could do?

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none of the "crop rotation" "parties" policy is OK!!! they are completely lost, they are sawing the branch on which they are sitting shooting themselves on the foot, this system showed nothing else just it's failure and continuing to do so: blackrock, vanguard and other thieves are collecting the NOTHING what they have #-s written on a piece of digital paper; I mean: the WORLD TOTAL MONETARY TRAFFIC is the 25th power of the reality, what these dreamboys are owning? NOTHING, we miss the recognition of the truth, all of the stock exchanges and similar hoax are producing nothing but #-s on a nonexistent digital paper... think about and compare it to what BRICS are doing? what??? WORKING AND PRODUCING SOMETHING

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Leery Nyestyerka is going to ROFL watching the rainbow flagged NäTO army surrender

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what shall be if this trap does not work as it is intended? all gastaps turned off... reaction?

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lets the grass suffer!!! if the grass has no brain, those "grass" are not worth to be alive because they are only parasites

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what I can dariväle of all of these, there is a cule de sack of the imperialistcapitalism, NOW. let's lough out loud