Hipple, Rev. Paul T.

Hipple, Rev. Paul T.


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CEO Gov Mitt Romney went there to prove that the ungrateful negro is only interested in reparations, to draw a clear line for Conservative Christians between their Choices this Nov.

I guess you elitocrats have never heard of "multilevel checkers"??!!


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Greetings from the Rapture!!! Looking around up here, as best I can tell, only myself and Rep Tom Tancredo made the cut.

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A bit melancholy. But we'll find new enemies. I am certain of this.

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My own Dylan biography is soon to appear from Warton Press: "Dylan: Speaking the Voice of God. NOT!!"

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We will construct a series of facts consistent with our conspiracy theories, with our without these clarifications.

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My bad. I thought we was talking about the satellite TV. I got that confused with the internets.

Don't even get me started on the internets where you got all of the mind control/mind data mining PLUS it is The Demon's playground.

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There are certain stations on the satellite TV I will NOT watch because they are obviously probing the mind, if not bending it, using undetectable microlaser rays.

Among these are TLC, DISC, HIST, SCI, FOOD, anything by PBS, CBS, MSNBC, TWC, C-SPAN1, C-SPAN2, Communist News Network, and ESPNU.

And BRAVO, obviously.

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Jesus loved sharing as the exchange of God's goodwill among his flock.

However, Jesus also taught his apostles that the theft of one's rightfully earned income in the form of taxation by ILLEGITIMATE heads of state is no less a blaspheme than to fornicate upon the Image of God.

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A list of awards that lacks one for "Dominionist Prognostication &/or Rep Tom Tancredo Updates " is not a list of awards to be taken seriously


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Count me among those applauding Justice Clarence's position. He also rightly sees the slavery problem as a "single incident" ...which it was....and that should pretty much put an end the whole reparations for the negro clamor once and for all.

Which is not to say I'd trust him as far as you could throw a nickle.