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Ahhh wowww what a trip!! You look absolutely stunning! Sounds like you had an amazing time and so glad you managed to squeeze in plenty of stuff and treat yourself for a couple of days :) You know, the whole time I was living in London I never went to 222 Veggie Vegan - must visit whenever I'm down there again...that raw chocolate torte!!!!
Can't wait to see you in the magazine in March :) xxx

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Ohhhh so it was you who beat me to all that kabocha then ehhh?! :P Hehe!! No worries, I have a healthy supply from Waitrose at the moment! ;)
Sounds like you had a lovely day in good old toon and blimey, you did get quite a haul!! You must be strong haha! The salted hot chocolate sounds lush..must try that now that I need more hot drinks to keep me warm!
Your hair looks gorgeous, you definitely suit red :)

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I think you can probably guess I'm all over that squash bowl hehe! And popcorn and chocolate with a film is the perfect Saturday night in :)
I've never been much of a traditional Sunday dinner girl because my family have just never done it! I also find traditional English food a bit boring because I'm too much into my spicier stuff :P Although the same can't be said for the desserts..give me an apple crumble anyday and I'm a happy bunny! :)

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Wow you do buy a lot of organic! It's never been something I've been too strict about really..it's just more expensive in my eyes and I tend to buy all my fresh stuff from the market so that's all local which I prefer. I also don't eat meat but if I did I'd probably want that to be organic.
That protein cake with the caramel centre sounds SO GOOD!!! And I absolutely love your outfit, you are definitely one for stripes ;)
This week has been the usual for me, working out, working on uni work, driving lesson and seeing people for coffee..my weekdays are the same as weekends at the moment, it's lovely! :) Baking sounds like a plan for this weekend though..it was bloody freezing today!!

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Completely agree with you on the Chobani..I was not a fan at all, maybe it was because they were fat free, more watery and more sugary but Fage is definitely the best! I REALLY want to try the Simply Bars because they're gluten free too YAY :) The Alpha Fit magazine looks interesting...I read Men's Health sometimes - no shame! They focus more on strength training and nutrition to go along with it so that helps me at the moment with my current goal..I find the women's magazines for strength training a little on the lighter side than I'd like :)

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I think you look amazing!! And I totally agree with the definition in your arms and shoulders, you look strong yet feminine :)
I am a bit obsessed with kale chips at the moment...they're so addictive!!
Obviously from my post you can tell that I don't really love my body right now but if I had to pick just one aspect of it, it would probably be my waist as it is quite defined and gives an hourglass shape (despite my lack of boobs!). I definitely think it's true what you say about how you look is only a tiny part of who we are and I need to remember this when I'm feeling down about my looks so thankyou :) xx

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Oh Laura. You are just bloody amazing you know that? I just wish that there were more bloggers out there like you because I really do think that they have such an impact on what people think about the way that they live. They certainly did for me and I know many people who will say the same. I think people can delude themselves into thinking what they are doing is healthy but in reality, it is not for their bodies. We are all different and different shapes and sizes with different requirements in terms of mental and physical health and to follow each other into trends to be a certain way is just ridiculous. Seeing you go through a massive journey mentally and physically has been really interesting to see and I can just tell that you've finally cracked it and know what is right for YOU. Of course there will still be times when you feel a bit down like when you gained weight from Brighton, but that's pretty normal for any woman but like you said, you got back to eating and living the way you normally do and it turned out not to be the end of the world without having to kill yourself by dieting drastically and over-exercising to compensate. Life is too short afterall to be unhappy with how we are living and I only hope that one day I can finally reach that balance as you seem to have almost reached.

Obviously I have gone from being an anorexic to being a size that I'm not completely comfortable with yet. I'm not on the lower end of healthy which I find hard sometimes and I struggle with my body image on a daily basis but my body has remained at this weight for just under a year now and functions at this weight so I know this what I'm meant to be. Despite not being happy with how I look though, I am happy with how I live and I don't let my bad thoughts rule my life. I eat more freely now and I wouldn't label myself as vegan anymore as I do genuinely love dairy and although I do prefer eating wholesome natural foods, I can allow myself treats and 'normal food' because life is too short. I don't even feel compelled to exercise more than 5 times a week anymore because I'm more comfortable in knowing that even on days that I don't exercise and eat the same, nothing bad happens and I stay the same weight.

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Sorry you've been having a tough week lovie. Looks like a lot of good has been around though and it's great that you can do your best to keep your chin up and look at the positives. A lot of amazing looking eats as always and I think it's so exciting that you're starting to explore other foods again and feel more free with it. I really wish I liked fish because it's so good for you but neither me or any of my family can stomach it without it coming back up - ew! :( Otherwise I would definitely be thinking about starting to bring that into my diet.
Hope you have a good weekend chilling to wind down after all that stress! xxx

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Woww you certainly brought plenty back with you!! OH that salted caramel spread is SO addictive..be warned! :) And the kale chips would last me 10 seconds, the best things ever! :)
So glad you finally got to meet Christina!! :) Looks like you've had such an amazing time..full of fun, shopping and amazing eats...THAT BROWNIE! <3

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Oh Laura, this post made me smile so so much you have no idea! :) It is so wonderful to see you enjoying yourself and treating yourself as anyone should do on holiday! And isn't life without food rules so much easier and fun? :)
Everything looks so yummy you're making me very jealous haha! Glad you also got the chance to see Tam and get some yoga in too :) I hope the weather picks up for you though but it doesn't seem to be affecting you having a good time too much :)
My treat foods are chips and oooh onion rings! Also a good bit cake or brownie or something of course!