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Contrary to what Tom Feeney said, Rick Santorum is and has been "running around leading conservative jihads". The only thing that separates Santorum's extreme fundamentalist Xtian rantings and those of the Taliban is 8,000 miles.

Interesting to note that U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney was a college friend of Rick Santorum.

"Computer programmer Clinton Curtis testified at the December 13th, 2004 Congressional hearing in Columbus, Ohio naming Republican Congressman Tom Feeney as the person who hired him to prepare vote-rigging software."

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Yep, isn't this how it all started in 1930's Germany - silence all dissenting voices?

Gov. Brownshirt is in a dilemma. He really needs to blame Sherriene Jones-Sontag and fire her ass for her mega PR blunder. HOWEVER, her husband is the Director of the Kochs' Kansas chapter of Americans for Prosperity, who approve of silencing dissenters. The fact that Principal Krawitz gave an HOUR LONG scolding to Emma Sullivan and demanded she write a letter of apology to #heblowsalot, even suggesting "talking points", gives a hint that he is also a RWNJ who would do anything to kiss the ass of #heblowsalot Brownback.

Doncha just hate when the RWNJs box themselves into a corner? Me neither!

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Just a correction - at the time that Lt. Pike pepper sprayed these sitting non-violent protesters, the tents had ALREADY been taken down, BY the students. Therefore, there was even less cause for him to hose down these kids with pepper spray directly to their faces! He stepped OVER them, so why couldn't the rest of the storm troopers be able to step over or go around the students sitting on the walkway?

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Joe Walsh is THE biggest disgrace to ever walk the halls of Congress! Royal flaming asshole doesn't seem adequate to describe his despicable behavior.

The SWEET news is that I just discovered that veteran Tammy Duckworth is running against him!! Hallelujah! Here is her bio - VERY impressive!

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Iowa format has changed, Sarah Palin & Christine O'Donnell will face off in Spelling Bee, moderated by George W. Bush. First word: Nuclear. Winner gets to make speech. (Oh wait, the speech is for the TeaTards, so the Loser should get to make the speech!)

(hat tip to SCmommy at Politicalgates)

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Sarah needs an extra large residence with wide doors for her mouthpiece Rebekkka Mansour to move in and run her campaign.

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Sarah Palin is makin' room for more grandkids, the next to arrive will be Britta & Track's daughter Trix, the bun is already in the oven and a guestimate is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The nuptials took place "recently" but no one has stated exactly when they were married.

Guessing from the black overblouse worn by the bride (what bride wears black for her own wedding?), this is a Wal-Mart shotgun wedding.

Track & Britta’s “wedding” photo:

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Not to be picky, but Wonkette gives links to AZCentral and "Palingates", when in fact the link is to "Politicalgates" that has the pictures and videos, as well as a screenshot of Sarah Palin walking inside the walls of the "Omamma Been Lying" compound.

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LOL, it doesn't appear that many here are SHOCKED about Lindsey Graham! Just add him to this looooonnng list of Republicans:

or this:

I do hope there is a picture of John McCain sneaking out the back door, or the incoming Weeper of the House John of Orange. Can we have the information before Christmas, like an early Christmas present to rub in the face of RWNJ relatives??

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As soon as I heard RWNJ Henry Hudson was the presiding judge, I felt certain this would be the result. He's a great speaker, but he lies. Virginia is becoming the next Alaska run by corrupt religious fanatic bigots.