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"Two thirds of Thursday’s UKIP voters think David Cameron is the best available Prime Minister, compared to a quarter for Ed Miliband." you are missing the point M'lord... if given the choice most of us kippers opt for cameron vs miliband - but taking that to the conclusion that we will vote for Cameron is false....We will vote Farage. Sure, 5yrs of Miliband will be awful but frankly it wont be much worse than Cameron. Sometimes you need a country to be in a bad place before you get a Thatcher MKII revolution....

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"Ford writes: “22 per cent of UKIP supporters agreed that employers should favour white applicants over non-whites, ....." ..... And what of the other parties....what % of Tory supporters agreed with that statement?

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Yes, it sums up your position and indeed Camerons'.... Power comes first - principles 2nd... The party joined had good policies but the country was tired of 17yrs of tory rule and wanted a change - Blair offered that.

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Where did I say I prefer a Labour Govt? Nowhere... The facts remain there is no substantial difference between Cameron's Conservatives and Labour. As someone who has had the bare cheek to get on in life and do well I was better off under Blair than I am under Cameron. If the Tories ditch Cameron & Co and get the likes of Boris to lead, then you may stand a chance of pulling back the punters.... Until then, you are heading back into opposition where you belong....

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Clearly not....Its just that I never in my life would have thought a Tory Chancellor would have increased the cost of moving house on one section of society in the name of 'fairness'. That is the cloth of socialist....He has indulged in bashing the rich and is not a proponent of laffer curve economics.

Osborne continues to talk about helping the 'hard working families' when in comes to tax cuts (or rather increases in the personal tax allowance' - somehow, he concludes that anyone earning over 100K is not 'hardworking' - ignoring the fact that over 95% of those in the Times rich list are self made (not inherited wealth like himself... )

The guy has no idea what its like to build up a business because he's never had a real job - like the other 3 that make up the quad.

Farage has a mere18 years more work experience than all 4 of the key decision makers in the UK combined - worrying is it not....

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The arrogant fool is the one who thinks the Conservatives under Cameron is sound.
In the past 3 years either Cameron or Osborne has:
- warned of legislating for women quotas on private businesses
- boasted that they will force "the wealthy" to pay more in every budget (as if 'the evil rich' dont over contribute enough already)
- taxed anyone who has the audacity to want to buy a larger family home (7% stamp duty)
- ruled out tax cuts because they 'cost' money (a departure from the days of Lawson
Its not the party I joined in 1996....

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As a former Tory Councillor, now UKIP Councillor I can say that I did not leave the (Tory) Party, the party left me. I did not change my stance/approach/policy 'world view' - it was the Tory party led by the likes of Cameron/Osborne that made me wake up one day and think: "i'm in the wrong party. And in fact the best way to get that old party back is to grow UKIP" How: forcing either the Tory party back to common sense - or forcing on them a defeat which will carry a post mortem analysis which will conclude it lost, not as a result of not placating to the cous cous eating Guardian readers, but because it ignored the likes of us that departed to UKIP.... I dont mind holding my nose through a Labour government - sometimes you need to go down before you can come up...

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Good work - mind you - you could have cut it by around 2.3% had you not sought spend £350,000 on green belt traveller sites.... (

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Absolutely spot on. .............. The party is united on the current 2017 stance - but they are also united in defeat. They thought it would shoot UKIP's fox - they need to admit they were deluding themselves and back Adam....

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Wow - 5 articles on this in 24 hours! Clearly rattled... ConHome doing Cameron's dirty work?

Trying to convince rank n file wont work - we want a vote before 2015 - why? Because we dont think Cameron will get elected in 2015 - and if he did - we dont trust him to lead the negotiations.....