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I've been using the 'real' camera lately too, only the battery just ran out & i can't find the charger. Or i can find the chord to the charger, just not the actual bit you pop the battery in & you can't charge it via the laptop, being a Nikon D70S & all, phew, i'll have to keep looking but there are 50 images trapped in there.
Great shots & enjoy the lawn mowing, i'm teaching my eldest daughter to mow now. Love Posie

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My middle girls went to a Halloween disco last night, they're still not home yet so i want to hear what they danced to & how. They're pretty cool. Love Posie (newest follower, hello, how do you do??)

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Oh galahs, we have so many in Canberra, with the sulphur crested cockatoo!! They cover entire nature strips with their colour. Love Posie
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Oh wow, that is powerful. I certainly don't get around worrying about petty things, i have quite the realistic jolt in my life, it does make you a better person, just knowing how hard it is for others.
Thanks for your comments on my thoughts on marriage, i truly do still have a crush on my husband, he's so easy to love, i think that's a true indication you found the right one, or he's become even more the right one. Go North Ryde, my grandfather lived there after he left Rozelle, i have many happy memories playing in his garden. Love Posie
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Oh look at them, so happy & content, then in blissful slumber, delicious, love Posie

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We still live in honeymoon mode as he's always leaving & coming home.
I love your take on a woggy wedding, mine had mild potential, i married a semi Italian from Summer Hill of Inner West Sydney, i think it's now considered the city with house prices, but i'm a North Shore girl, so kept it tame. Love Posie http://posiepatchworkblog.blogspot.com/
PS your blog made me split this into 2 comments, oh, am i bit passionate about marriage??
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Oh happy annivessary, congratulations & i love your tips. After 15 years they still ring true with our marriage, there is marriage & there is parenting, they are quite different relationships. I married my teen love & still have a crush on him, that pretty much sums up how he is greeted every day he comes home (which is once in the next 9 months, such is war) but when he does live with us full time & not the Army, i listen for his car, ensure i greet him at the door & make him feel valued & loved, we're so happy he's home with us. I used to be his automatic garage control, i'd hear his car, & race out to open the garage door (this was when garage door openers were too fancy for Army housing). It was quite the feat with 4 children under 4.5 years, possibly one on the breast at 4p.m. but i did it & he loved it!!
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Good luck!! It's a huge deal but well worth the clean out, tidy up & shift, i love moving. Next move will be our last for a long time, yippee. Considering our 4th will be 9 years old then, i can not tell you the amazing amount of things we can give away. Love Posie

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Oh so many things to enjoy here, parents, sunshine, beaches & a shiney new computer, yay for you. Love Posie http://posiepatchworkblog.blogspot.com/

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Oh yes, i had sleepers, it's life changing, i breezed through 4 children while others simply hated me as i had all the beauty sleep i could hope for. I squeeze lemon into my water bottle but i like lime too, that might change it up a bit seeing i'm at the gym once or twice a day now, 5 days a week. Yummy, thanks for the tip, love Posie

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