ded accownt

ded accownt


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Well then

Given the (frustratingly stupid) circumstances WordPress has screwed me over with I will NOT be deleting this account, and instead rename it "ded accownt" and log out from it forever.

So uh

See ya on deviantART


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I just made a long large post about how I was leaving and now WordPress says it's impossible to completely delete the account if Intense Debate is connected with WordPress.

Well that killed the moment. I guess I might as well just delete all my comments and log out of my account forever?? :'D I dunno stupid WordPress ruining my sentimental moments

Uh, so DarknessKight, is there a non-manual way I can delete comments???? ::"DD

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From this moment on, I will be deleting this account. Read further for explanation.

You know how adults say that you can't talk to strangers on the Internet, because they'll do harmful things to you, or to go even further, a "friend" on the Internet is still a stranger? Of course, I've never seen any of you in real life, but that doesn't stop me from calling you all friends. In fact, over twenty people in the Internet are there for me 24/7, while me and my IRL friends are only able to speak to me in the day. That bullshit about not being able to make friends online because the person in the other side of the screen might be a forty-year-old perv doesn't apply to me at the moment.

But then there's trust issues. I love my parents, so I'd rather fall off a cliff than disappoint them. Yet they keep telling me "don't talk to people you don't know on the Internet" and as you see I haven't really abided by those rules. I don't want to be a walking liar, at least not as much as right now. But the real problem that's bugging me is how much I've shared info IRL here. I probably trust you guys more than anyone IRL, but that probably wasn't a good idea to share so much about myself. So to wipe at least some of my slate clean, this account will be terminated. I can't take back anything I said, but this is to prevent me from leaking any further life details about myself. It might not seem like it, but I'm fully aware that I'm still really young and shouldn't exactly be like "HEY IMMA CHILD COME AT ME BRUH" because there has been incidents online that I'd have second thoughts about my status here. Just because it hasn't happened here yet doesn't mean it never will.

I won't be deleting any other accounts I have on the Internet since I've released waaaaaayyy less personal info on those, maybe because there are less trustworthy people so I'm more cautious. If you want to contact me you can visit my deviantART but you won't see me here anymore. I'll be reading EqD news and stuff. just not socializing. I know it seems like deleting my account won't fix everything but it's better than nothing. I hope you somewhat understand.

And please, if you know ANY personal info about me, do not talk about it at all unless it's in EqD and it's ABSOLUTELY necessary.

TL;DR Read the whole comment.

Shoutouts to Micheal T.S., CyberOctavia, MelodyAmity, Armosk, PinkiePie97, Sensei Dash, Ponkomena, PerfectlyImperfect, PrincessOtaku, mouse, RD334, Shadow, AngelBrony, Icesparkleangel, funbrand, HysDomLeg, SpartanNinjaDragon, MyMusician 5ever, and five million other people that had my back that I'm forgetting to list here. I love you all so much (platonically) and I bet ten billion bits that if I met y'all IRL I'll be damned to be the greatest kid alive.

Queen Fangirl the First

P.S. If you could submit my art to EqD that's be awesome :'D

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I need every single one of you to be at the discussion tonight. I'm gonna be making an important announcement.

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Actually, something more broad: Post some creepy facts.

A body can still be consious even when it has been decacipated (I forgot how to spell it oops :'D)

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Name some research studies (I don't care if it's from scientists or a college of whatever) that ended up with eerie results.

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He's a guilty pleasure of mine :'D

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Welcome to the life of
Quee-een Fangirl
She's always losing folders and her special little stylus
She didn't even get to use that du-umb stylus
And now she's screwed and can't be moved to get over her loss

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Shiette I didn't even get to use the stylus.

I hate my life

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The weird thing is that it actually feels like it just disappeared in thin air, unlike the other times I've lost stuff.

Maybe it's just my terrible searching skills. :'D