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There is no "Vattel's definition" of natural born citizenship. He was dead thirty years before anybody thought to add the phrase to his book.

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Maybe the problem is you?

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1. USPO postal stamps continued to be used for more than 15 years after the Post office changed them. Why throw away a perfectly good postal stamp.

2. No digits on the DLN referred to the year. According to SS spokesman Richard Flahaven, the original DLN's first three digits referenced the office that entered the data into the Selective Service computers. Later, an additional digit was added when they converted their computer system to account for Y2K.

3. The form is not altered. It is identical to other draft registration forms from the same year.

4. There is no shortage of 2 digit postal cancellation steps that can be found online. For just a few examples:

5. The Selective Service provided this document in 2008 while Bush was President, not Obama.

6. The Selective Service has repeatedly declared Obama's registration completely authentic.

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In the Internet age you don't need to conspire to have a lie widely shared. For example, right-wingers have a cottage industry of fake quotations from Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Lincoln and Einstein supporting all their favorite causes from gun rights to small government. The quotes are fake, but you can find them repeated across the web hundreds and thousands of times. There's no conspiracy, there's just intellectual laziness.

The simple fact is that nobody in an actual position to know has ever named a birthplace for Obama other than Hawaii. And nobody who has ever claimed he was born in Kenya was ever actually in a position to know.

And that's all she wrote.

As to Chris Monckton, he's just become more progressively crankish over time. There's no explaining him.

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Of course I do. Both from Zullo and from other sources.

Lawrence Sellin reported on the Peter Boyles show that Arpaio had decided to shut the birth certificate investigation down until Zullo got conned by the grifter Montgomery. Here is what he said on the September 12, 2014 show:

"Now I talked to Zullo a few weeks ago on the telephone and he indicated that Arpaio was gonna shut down the investigation last autumn but then this whistle-blower walked into Arpaio’s office basically and had information about how the… now this is what I’m told, I’m not part of the investigation I should add… but what I’ve learned is that this whistle blower had information about, you know, how the birth certificate was produced, who… you know who might have done it, where it was done. "

We now know that the "whistle-blower" was Dennis Montgomery, and that he proceeded to scam the MCSO out of more than a quarter million dollars while providing Zullo and Arpiao with what the Sheriff called "junk."

Zullo was pretty clear that the Xerox workflow had destroyed all his earlier work on one of his visits to Carl Gallups silly "Freedom Friday" show. This was October 12, 2013... right about the time Sellin says the "whistle-blower" showed up. What was Zullo saying about the LFBC now? After more than a year of claiming it was proof of forgery, he was now saying that it was irrelevant. That it had "no evidentiary value."

"Let me say something Carl. You know we have been focused on this issue and, you know, your listeners, everybody is so intently focused on the birth certificate. And I just really want to make it clear. The birth certificate as it’s, in the form that it is now, a PDF file is absolutely of no evidentiary value. It’s useless. And it doesn’t really matter to an extent other than from a conspiratorial standpoint in the commission of felonies. It doesn’t matter about all these anomalies because this thing has no evidentiary value. It is nothing."

So why are we still here? Because this is the big payoff, BT. This is where all the chickens are coming home to roost. Arpaio is going to jail, and Zullo will be the one to put him there, because it was Zullo who introduced Arpaio to the grifter Montgomery.

Birthers and Obots have been in this together for seven years. You don't think we'd abandon you now in your hour of darkness, do you? That would be rude.

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Hey, the chemistry reference was awesome. But it was definitely throwing your pearls before swine. Surely you didn't really think that any of the birthers would know what an alkali metal was, did you?

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Actually... based on the testimony in Arizon these past couple of weeks pretty much everybody is calling the Sheriff a liar. His deputies. His lawyer. The list is getting scary long.

And today, Zullo pleaded the 5th, refusing to turn over some of the documentation for the "Seattle operation" because it may incriminate him. It turns out Gillar was right a year and a half ago. A bunch of people will be going to jail. Just not any of the Obots.

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Hey, I have no problem if you are an atheist. But my Bible says that God is in control. So ultimately there is only one vote. And it's His, not "the people's."

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If you had a DNA test a few years ago they probably tested only a few specific markers. If it was one of the genealogy tests, probably just your mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome (if you're a guy). There is no way you had your entire genome mapped, that's prohibitively expensive. So there is no way for you to claim you "have zero African DNA."

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Yep. The mailing address on the application. Not only is that the address from which the application was mailed, but it does not have to be where the person lives.

But you ask a fair follow-up question, and I'll give one example of where it happens all the time. People who live near state lines in rural areas may live in one state, but send and receive all their mail in a post office in the other state. Think long stretched of the California/Nevada state line. That would be one example. So like I said repeatedly, the correlation is very high. But it is not perfect, and it is completely accidental.

Look... its really very easy to explain why Obama received a Connecticut SSN. Just as it's really very easy to explain why Eisenhower (who lived in Pennsylvania) received a California SSN. But you're never going to figure out either until you know what the actual process was. And every time a birther says SSNs were assigned based on where a person lived they are already wrong.