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I'm confused: Who's "WTF"? Is this a group or individual response?

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I believe the author of the site that I sourced it to: Source: http://bilgrimage.blogspot.com/2011/12/usccb-poli...

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Violence seems to trump an overly sexualized culture in Israel too--just like the US...I guess...

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Thanks for your support! Hope the next piece I post is useful. If you have any suggestions, tweet me @PITAPOLICY :)

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Correction: Multiple Personality Disorder is an older term. Mental Health Professionals call this "Dissociative Identity Disorder". ~Mehrunisa Qayyum

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Yes...Considering "Borat", I would expand upon your observation and add that Mr. Cohen loves making fun of all things Persian and Middle Eastern, not just Arab and Muslim. FUNTABULOUSLY written and reviewed! Thank you!

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Thank you for highlighting Will Youmans' case study of Palestine. In his role as a Social Media Consultant, Will provided a great suggestion for creating an electronically, documented narrative of Palestinian Diaspora experience-- a hub of Tweets by Palestinians over time, for example.

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You present some really good reasons to pursue a collaborative strategy--not just the cliche: "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" rhetoric. You also raise a really good point about what it means to be a grass roots organization. I felt that the "American" identity was marginalized as well in this controversy b/c our US administration has condemned the actions of the Syrian regime. Hence, an Arab-American organization would find it in its membership's interests to reflect the official American position as well. For that matter, a lobbying organization holding a panel on "Popular Arab Uprisings" has already "taken a stand" by simply arranging a panel with possible dissenting voices. In this vein, and to your point about selecting who to invite, you are right: by creating a short list of invitees, an organization is implicitly taking a stand on some level. Therefore, an artist expressing a voice could easily be balanced by allowing another artist an opportunity to sing a pro-regime song--if such an artist exists. Thanks for a great piece, and keep up the entertaining tweets!~Pitapolicy