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I agree!

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Thanks, but I wouldn't have the opportunity or need to try out your product. We give out BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® vinyl bumper stickers and I wrote this article so people could find out how to safely and easily remove bumper stickers.

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about what?

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These used to be the best I ever had, until they made them gluten-free. I wouldn't mind if they made both gluten-free and regular because some people have to have gluten-free. However, for everyone else, gluten-free provides no benefit. Instead, they have to add a substantial amount of fat to compensate for gluten. I haven't purchased these for a little over four years, ever since they made them gluten-free. I don't even know if Costco sells them anymore. They lost a lot of money with me.

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Most of my SEO articles are at

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Not really! I set it up but at the Facebook page was set up just afterwards. I don't really have time to monitor and maintain it. If you or anyone else does, let me know.
Phil Franckel

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I haven't bought these in a long time. I used to eat a lot of them but I just don't like them anymore, ever since they changed to gluten free. They should offer both the original and gluten free.

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I was at Jugs today and had pizza with Greg and Tara. This was their first Thursday since reopening and they were kind enough to treat me to their new bar pie. I could tell immediately that the crust looked real good and it is! I definitely recommend it. Greg said he plans on offering real good food on the menu and he made a great start with the pizza.

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I will add the ability soon.

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Radio works great for branding. Campaigns (like don't drink and drive, or don't text and drive) also work great for branding and cause marketing. Radio works well with direct response advertising (where the desired reaction is for the listener to call upon hearing the commercial) when the radio commercial incorporates a vanity phone number.

For 30 years, I've heard lawyers advertising on the radio and quickly disappear when they were not using a vanity phone number but the lawyers with a vanity phone number has been advertising on the radio for many years. It's not surprising, because if the desired reaction is to call a phone number, it is very difficult for someone to remember and a phone number after hearing it on the radio.

A study on the use of toll-free 800 numbers in radio advertising measured the difference between using an 800 vanity number versus an 800 numeric number and found that the 800 vanity phone number resulted in 14 times more phone calls.