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'Nowhere has the fear factor been played more than in the US'

Not so. While US citizens have always been afraid of their own shadows, Israel Jews are equally terrified of .... well everything!

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Palestinian gas and Syrian oil, and Israel wants to be the beneficiary.

Does te world forget it is a war crime to sell the resources of occupied territory?

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Great to see this said loud and clear, out in the open for all those who wish to see, can.

Not only di they kill JFK, in murdering Robert Kennedy they killed the US's last hope of becoming what some hope, and the deluded imagine it is.

In far away New Zealand, thanks to an American boss, I listened to what news there was on the primary elections and caucuses, and later stood in line to sign the remembrance book in Wellington. The only remembrance book that I have ever signed, one of the very few times I have stood in line for anything and excepting only his brother Robert, Haneen Zoubi, an MK in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, and two or three others, the only politician that I have ever had any respect for.

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Midst alll of this never ffroget that the world Jewish population is approximately 16 million.
That Israel has approximately six, yes six million Jews.

How is it that this pipsqueakoutfit, dependant upon the US to fund them each year to the tune of 3.3 billion dollars gets to strut the globe as if they are significant?

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Semantic, a person or ethnic group whose mother tongue is one of the Semantic languages. there would be very few Jews who meet this qualification.
The first move to eliminate this 'antisemitic' nonsense is to stop using the word in any context. Require writers to define what they actually mean. Anti-Jew, anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist.

The second thing is to actually have writers do their research when submitting articles. The third is to refuse to publish articles that used emotional reactive terms.

For instance, 'Hitler was Zionist' is nonsense. However 'Germany cooperated with the Zionists to move Jews out of Germany by transferring some of their assets to Palestine' is not.

World Jewry, read predominantly US Jews declared economic warfare upon Germany upon Hitlers election. Yes, BDS! AS Jews controlled a large proportion of the world finance, and had influence in industry and the media it was very effective. A general European dislike of Germany saw enthusiastic support.

Germany's retaliation was to declare Jews 'enemy aliens', close down many of their businesses declared a threat to national security and encourage the Jews to leave Germany.

The German Jews who had thrived in Germany for some 400 years and regarded themselves as Germans whose religion was Judea decried the BDS, and pleaded with the US Jews to stop.

Despite the restrictions imposed upon them German Jews preferred to live in Germany as second class citizens rather than go off to some 'uncivilized, undeveloped god forsaken unknown destination'. The Zionist's medalling and machinations was rejected by most Jews and particularly by German Jews.

At this point, late 1933, world Jewry declared war upon Germany. Just how a minor religious group declares war is beyond me, but they did.

Germany attempted to get other countries to take their Jews. Negotiations with the British Empire broke down when the price Germany was prepared to pay could not be agreed upon.

Madagascar too was considered as a location for the Jews, but negotiations with the French came to a halt when it was disclosed that they to intended to ship their Jews to Madagascar, which was a French territory.

The US, British, and Australia turned back shiploads of Jewish refugees/migrants at this time, including the Brits turning back a boatload attempting to land at Palestine.

The truth is not anywhere near as clear-cut as many believe/pretend.

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google 'protocols of the elders of zion'

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It took Gaddafi only 30 years to take a colonised, gutted country and build it up to a situation where it had education and health services equal to the world's best, build massive infrastructure and assist neighbouring African states to cast off World Bank finance, and so free them of benefit only to the West requirements, organise and launch an African communication satellite, thus saving the African States money, and build up reserves of 144 tonnes of gold.
Of course the West HAD to destroy it!

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Yes Ipse, that was so.

I really threw it in as a throwaway line ----- I do think that the loss of Gaddafi is the single greatest disaster in the whole mess.

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In only one thing can I fault Putin. He didn't come roaring an a save Gaddafi, the loss of whom is the biggest disasters in this whole US led schmazel.

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Blair, Bush Howard and their cronies all ought to be dragged out and hanged!

A trial would simply be a waste of money.