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Holy shit, has it really been THREE AND A HALF YEARS since your last Peggy's World? Time fucking flies, brah.

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Way to get pissy about people talking about Sarah Palin, Wonkette!

After all, only YOU get to constantly talk about Sarah Palin, Wonkette!

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You know what else is a big fucking luxury? Sitting in front of a computer in your western homestead talking shit about everything that comes through your Google Reader alerts. Some of us have to fucking work for a living, and sometimes that actually involves a train.

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Ah yes, the flowing blond locks of Mary, a poor Middle Eastern woman. Makes perfect sense.

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Which, you know, strangely makes perfect sense (stopped clock, twice a day, etc.)...

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Ken, look. I don't like the TSA either. But I also have to get from Kansas City to Boston on a semi-regular basis. I know you hate all forms of technology and all, but taking a fucking stagecoach to my meetings on the other side of the country isn't really an option. It's great for a guy who gets to blog for a living from his compound in the middle of the desert to decry the entire rest of the country. But for those of us who actually have to engage with other people in order to pay our bills, your advice isn't exactly helpful.

Put it this way - you're not helping things any more than the TSA is. And you'd probably make a shitty Arby's employee, too.

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In fairness, Krauthammer isn't jumping anywhere unless there's a curb or stairs.

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These is that they can't spell Wonkette, O'Donnell, or occasionally, but have no trouble mashing out Afghanistan correctly? Must be all the war porn they read on Redstate and wherever.

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What is that in the picture? It looks like a website, only on...paper? Weird.

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She knows how hard it is to keep a dollar?

Shit, I thought the Republicans were all about fiscal responsibility - not electing debt-riddled slobs like themselves?