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Why should anyo0ne be surprised? "Jared Kushner is an American Yankee in King Arthurs court." Kushner and Ivanka are go-betweens between Trump and Netanyahu. The USA and Isra-Hell are the world's worst terrori9st nations. And the United Nations is a FARCE when it comes to dealing with the USA and Isra-Hell!

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Question of the day. Who are the Ash-Can Nazis?

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Perhaps Trump was just letting his greatest wish slip. He was thinking in regards to Iran, " I don't want to attack Iran, I just want to steal their oil".

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Ontogram 87p, your comment is 100% correct., T,B, and P(oison) is enough to decimate 99% of the world's population, while The Great USA Criminal Cabal of Secret Service Warmongers and their supporters hold the future of the planet in their blood soaked filthy hands.

How can the people of the USA sleep, and let these insane criminals lead the world into nuclear war. The trio of Trump, Bolton and Pompeo should be arrested and sent for Psychiatric assessment. Then, they should be given a trial, and sentenced to death! These fools are like dynamite that has outlived its shelf life and is likely to explode from only a gust of wind( while Pompeo is a wind bag hurricaine).

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Kudos to Putin, Muduro, Infomation Clearing House et al for telling the truth about the Criminal USA and its CIA in attacking Venezuela. It is time that United Nations stopped the USA : OR' the United Nations must be charged with aiding and abetting the USA with war crimes!

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Where are the Skripals today? Are they still alive? Will they ever be able to tell their stories or have they been brainwashed. Why did the U.K do this to their own people?

Meanwhile, the USA and its neverending droning of CNN and Wolf Blitzer's attack on the Republican Party will continue ad nauseam while the War Criminals of the world carry out more and more atrocities in their quest for World Domination. CNN should be banned from the airwaves! Wolf Blitzer should be hanging in a museum! And, the young reporting staff on CNN should be de-Programmed and sent to a psychiatry facility where they have their synapses scrubbed of Blitzer bullshit! Then, the most treatment-resistant should be sent home to spend the rest of their lives sitting on their lawns listening to the grass growing. The USA and its warmongering enablers are a curse to the society and the safety of the world! What a waste to the young women of CNN!

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Criminals in the USA, Israel, U.K. France,et al run the world. We the people are at the mercy of these psychopaths. Look what they are doing to Julien Assange because he is exposing the truth about the warmongers. What a miserable world we live in today!

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It makes me ill to even think of the wars and murders committed by the USA and Isra-hell. An yet the slaughter continues. What will it take to wake up the other countries of the world so that the USA and Isra-Hell are stopped in their tracks and the criminals who are the perpetrators are indicted, arrested and stand trial for their crimes?

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If the USA Government and its secret services were purged of all the warmongering nut cases the people of the USA would be saved from what may well be a world-ending war.
The USA is a pariah to humanity.

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The F-35(s) should be based in or near the Pentagon so when Sovereign countries are invaded by the criminal USA the Sovereign countries can retaliate by bombing the Pentagon and wiping out the criminals and their war machines in one fell swoop! The USA and Isra-Hell are the world's two largest Terrorist states!