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Strangely, the gay ad in the series has 100% less sexism.

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Oh no, Virginia's mansions skim the cream off the trillion-dollar military-industrial complex. The Alaska Permanent Fund's single best investment is the Tysons Corner mall, where all the GOP grifter wives shop!

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I dunno, the natives 'round these parts are pretty ruddy. Our center of population is about the latitude that gave us swarthy Mediterraneans.

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Much, much smaller base.

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Oh dear. We Wonketeers had a hand in inflating this poor soul's ego to such mammoth proportions:
We shrinking-violet anti-war types were all aflutter over his majestic musculature, before he turned all violent and gun-nutty. Eeew.

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I hear Ted Haggard, he of the meth-stitutes, has quite a collection. (Of these paintings, not just of rentboys.)

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Both the old library and the old Sears got redeveloped. The new library and the Container Store (the ultimate in First World Problem Solvers) that replaced the Sears share very similar interiors, except the library has brighter colors and skylights.

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what I've found, having moved from Chicago to the doorstep of Barry's indoor b'ball court, is that no one here loses their shit every time some VIP needs to circle the block. leaders of the free world (and tax-squandering Republicans, too) come and go, they get their little motorcades that everyone waits around a few minutes for, but nobody shuts down freeways for hours or scrambles in extra fighter jets on their behalf.

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The teatards went down this road before with Dan Maes' "it's all a communist UN plot!" attack on the B-Cycle system that John Hickenlooper brought to Denver. The stupid thing is that bike sharing is about the most cost-effective transit available -- users pay most of the costs of the system, unlike pretty much every other urban transportation mode -- but OMG! Sharing isn't caring, it's Kommunist!

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Know-Nothings. Hey, it was a (surprisingly ironic for the era) righteous badge of honor then, it can be a righteous badge of idiocy today.