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Signs is really good. I recommend watching it again with a clean slate. It's kind of a masterpiece of tension and suspense. If you watch it again and find yourself picking apart the logic of the film, give Chris Stuckman's video essay about the film on youtube a whirl.

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This exact thing happened when I went to see Inglorious Basterds and the trailer for Devil played. The teaser was really tense and gripping, but it all broke into a chorus of groans when Shyamalan's credit appeared.

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Bob has touched upon his animosity towards Scream before, but I cannot pinpoint which video. Basically it amounts to the fact that Scream essentially propagated an understanding of horror film tropes that allowed EVERYONE to have a competent framework for deconstructing horror films or films in general, which Bob felt was a skill that only he had rightfully earned by being the "movie guy" and actually watched tons and tons of good and shitty films. That was, like, HIS thing, man.

EDIT: It's in his Scream 4 review

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I think it's pretty obvious where video 3 is going: it's going to land on Kevin Smith has become a self important hack that can't make anything good outside his Askewniverse comfort zone, and ever since Jersey Girl has had a penchant for sneering at and dismissing critics. Obviously, Bob is a critic and wont stand for that shit.

(I don't see why Bob has to spend 3 videos cataloging Smith's career and ascribing him some sort of b/s Gen Xer Chosen One status in order to make that point though)

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Eh, I think you might be at that point in your life where you mistake cynicism for sharp criticism.

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Why would it be time to admit that? Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas were both supremely good films. They literally have not directed a dud of a film for entire decade.

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No one really cares about your objections. Your ideas about whether she's doing her work well, or poor, its not the bone of contention, no matter how much you try to make it be. Bob, whose video you were replying to in the first place, only cares about the unbridled sexism and vitriol pointed her way for simply bringing up feminist topics in the context of video games.

If you're not part of that crowd, why are you so worked up at the slightest mention of it in the video that you have reply so lengthily in order to set Bob straight? Actions are more telling than words.

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New Criticism gets a short shrift in most of academia these days, I'm kind of surprised a professor so heartily adhered to its principles. As an overarching discipline it couldn't sustain itself, since after all divorcing a text from its context its in end very silly. The methods and ideas of New Criticism really did help tighten and focus the practice of criticism as a whole, with its focus on close reading and ideas like the intentional fallacy are still strong in contemporary criticism. Its best to remember that new criticism at its core was really just trying to rein in many of the flourishes of 19th Century criticism, al la Wordsworth/Coleridge et al.

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It's not about vulnerability or 'handling it'. Which, again, just show's that you just do not get it.

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If you're so sure that 'the trolls' and 'those who disagree' are entirely different camps, then why do people like you, who supposedly just disagree, pile on in droves every time the treatment she's received from 'the trolls' is mentioned?

Don't kid yourself. Until you and yours start popping up in every corner of the internet to spend 1000s of words railing against all the other shitty critics on the internet, its pretty obvious you have some sort vendetta against her other than just 'she's doing it poorly', whether you realize it or not. So, no, I can safely lump you in with 'the trolls' (because you've lumped yourself in with them).