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Another thing, while the so-called "City of David" (a misnomer if ever there was one) may well be "a place of seminal importance for the Jewish people", it is an absolute outrage that Israel Finkelstein adds to this "indeed for anyone who cherishes the heritage of Western civilization". What on earth has Western civilization (so-called) got to do with anything? Finkelstein only sees Jewish people and "Western civilization" but forgets one important element: the people who have had their land stolen by the state of Israel. Just because the "City of David" (so-called) is "a place of seminal importance for the Jewish people" (Finkelstein should explain why this is the case, as the reason escapes me, unless he is talking about the false traditions which the Bible invented and which he himself has exposed) does not alter the fact that neither Israel nor Israeli archaeologists, not even someone as brilliant as Israel Finkelstein, has a right to Jerusalem. The eastern part of the city remains illegally occupied, just like the west bank, which is also of central importance for our understanding of ancient Israel. Israel Finkelstein needs to see the world from the perspective of oppressed and dispossessed people, and not just from his own selfish standpoint as an archaeologist, and he should stop ignoring Palestinians and stop staking claims to their land in the name of "Western civilization" and "places of seminal importance for the Jewish people".

324 weeks ago @ Jewish Daily Forward - Israel Finkelstein: In... · 0 replies · +1 points

This is a fundamentally reactionary piece by the great Israel Finkelstein. There is a big difference between the false claims of an oppressor state and the false claims of the oppressed. Yet Finkelstein sees the Palestinians as the harbingers of lies and sewers and the Israeli authorities as the protectors of humanity's heritage. Not only that, but with reference to the so-called "City of David", the Professor states that "so far fieldwork has not yielded any monuments from the 10th century BCE, the time of King David". The time of king David? Says who? I'll tell you says who: the Bible says who. This flies in the face of Finkelstein's own research. Is he, of all people, using the Bible as an historical anchor? Israel Finkelstein still has some work to do in order to draw the right conclusions from the brilliant paradigm shift that he set in motion and that he defends so courageously to the benefit of all mankind in its struggle for truth and freedom.