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The State of Southern California... As a San Diegan, I think it's about time...

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I do not like people who adopt contrarian positions, or seek to be devil's advocates. Intellectual consistency is crucial, and Ms. Cupps is all over the map.

Compared to Rush, she is inconsequential.

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You may be right, dwwilli. But, he will go to Hell for it, if he isn't repentant.

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Olby and Mary are such mincing tarts, aren't they?

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Believing that abortion is a "right" is not a Conservative "value." Nor is allowing the State to raise our children for us. THAT is a Liberal mantra. "It takes a village," remember? And who pushed that meme? H. Clinton. A liberal.

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We "regressives?"

So says the, "AmmoralDeviant."

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Funny, Liberals NEVER set aside their social issues. And they seem to do just fine. Why should we cede social issues to them anymore than we already have? Our youth are lost as a result.

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Simple solution to all of the ball-less wonders we have in the GOP: send all of our money directly to the campaigns of OUR candidates.

No more GOP donations. Period. It is a weak-willed organization and not one that can counter the Progressive Democrats.

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Sorry he was shot. But, shall not be infringed is in the Constitution, whether he likes it, or not.

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Your gay lover from Austria called. He wants his dildo back.