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396 weeks ago @ Maurilio Amorim - A Church Won’t Grow ... · 0 replies · +1 points

This subject always hits a nerve with me. The church I am currently on staff at is huge... 8k or so, but the cool thing is when I tell people who the pastor is... hardly anyone has heard of him. That's the way it should be. I love that I serve in a place where the focus is on the Cause not the man. Jesus said in John 12:32, "If I be lifted up, I'll draw all men to myself." I'm all about personalizing scripture but some guys take this one a little to far! They 'appropriate' this promise to themselves! ha! Seriously though, the church should be lifting up Jesus, not it's leaders. The man of God should be honored, but then again shouldn't we all honor one another?
Great post Maurilio!

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I say so many stupid things... too many to list! At least you haven't gotten someone's gender wrong or maybe out-loud anyways. That's always an embarrassing one. Brian Regan has the funniest stand up bit about this very subject! lol! Just laughing at it again... about 2:00 minutes in!

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What compels you to continue attending your current church?

Bottom line, leadership with integrity. Our pastors have the strongest integrity and character from any Christian leader that I've ever seen up close. The choices they make, they make with the utmost care and concern for the people they lead. They are real. For real. I could go on & on but it's a pretty amazing place.

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Shaun, I've heard your story from a mutual friend but this the first time I've read it on your blog. I'm speechless, in awe, weeping, and amazed at God. He does miracles and He does them BIG. After meeting you the other day and SEEING your face in person for the first time, there's no doubt about it... This is a miracle. Just amazing. And the way you are giving back is a testament to the goodness of God. Keep pushing bro, those dreams that are still locked up in your heart are being lived out everyday.

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Agreed Tim, great comments.