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I'm amazed how travel gets a free pass. Too bad for me, since I love clothes and (blasphemy!) don't really like to travel.

Thanks for the link!

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Man, the store card discounts kill me because it can be so tempting. My one saving grace is that I usually am not spending enough for 15% off to be worth it.

So far, I have only submitted to one store credit card, but paying it off is kind of annoying, so I rarely use it unless they're having a specific deal on the CC.

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Gotta say, I just think people are being jerks. Sometimes there are other factors at play that mean you can't make the "best" financial decision. When the alternative is letting family sink deeper into trouble, that financial decision can't be made from a purely logical standpoint.

You know enough to get a house you can afford with margin.I think you can handle it!

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This is why contributions are limited to $5000 per year. Because otherwise we'd all shove everything into a Roth IRA and never pay taxes again. What he should be complaining about is the Roth 401K since the contributions are much higher.

I actually don't disagree with the guy, but I think the point is that not everything has to benefit the government. Sometimes, things can benefit the people.

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Belated, but thanks for the link! :D

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I think I prefer the once-in-a-while treat. I discovered last year during my shopping ban that I liked have a big chunk to spend every few month than shopping online a couple times a week. My overall spending stayed roughly the same, but it felt more special.

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Lame! We're only 27, or I'd totally put our names in!

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I'm of two minds about this. I do love Meg's blog, but I think for her to be judging you is... elitist. She is given - as a gift - more than she donates to charity each year. Sure, in absolute dollar amounts it might be more, but I don't think anyone is writing you five-figure checks every December.

If you look at your donations as a percentage of wealth, Meg has been donating less than one percent of her total wealth each year. Your percentage is probably higher.

I remember reading on her blog that she goes on a lot of volunteering trips. Which is nice, but ultimately, that's more of a vacation than giving. There have been articles that say that the money spent on the flight there could be put to better use if it was just donated. And she attends a lot of charity fundraisers, I think. The money spent by the charty on the open bar and by the donors on a dress for the party could be better spent donated.

None of this is meant as judgment upon her. It's up to every individual to choose how they spend their money.

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I'm not quite sure what to say, but I definitely don't want to leave this post un-commented on. I'm glad you were able to resolve things and that you're feeling better.

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In general, I've never felt as though I fit in the way most people do. Lots of times, the idea of going out to a bar or dancing with my friends just seems totally exhausting. Even if I do go out, I spend the whole time wondering why we didn't just hang out at someone's house, especially since you can barely hear each other over the music!

I'm actually excited to be older. We're probably going to be pretty traditional with having a baby and buying a house (although I don't want to be a SAHM!), so I'm hoping that will help me relate to other people... eventually.