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I didn't say "they will let ...". I said "they will judge the situation based on the evidence they have". If they have to suffer your opinion of them, I guess they won't much mind that.

Why does everyone here want to die from WW3?

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Up to 10 missiles were destroyed by the Syrian Armed Forces, a military source told Sputnik. The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept some of the projectiles, according to a SANA reporter. Meanwhile, the Al Mayadeen news outlet is claiming that all the projectiles were intercepted and inflicted no physical damage or casualties.

We should wait for further confirmation from Syria before relying on Al Mayadeen and Al Masdar

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You don't sound very afraid of WW3. Nuclear war doesn't care about people being brave and kills them just the same. The US-UK-France attack of April 14 has confirmed what has never been proven before in a real war theatre - that Russian anti-cruise missile systems can shoot down anything that they can throw at it - see This will have tremendous implications for future engagements.

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Even if that is true, it doesn't alter the point that Putin judges his decisions using more information than you have, and with the possible outcome that it causes a nuclear WW3. I for one am glad we haven't had WW3 yet.

I doubt any westerners have a good handle on how trustworthy China is to Russia. When they were both communist countries, they didn't get along too well. Now they are both capitalist countries, matters are more complex still. What does "slowly peeling away at his far eastern allies" refer to?

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Whenever Putin doesn't respond like you would, it is because he evaluates the situation (knowing far more than you do) and assesses that acting would possibly escalate into a nuclear WW3. He is not keen to commit suicide or have his country annihilated just to maintain your respect.

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The US says it is prepared to leave depending on unspecified conditions. That is all you could expect them to say at this point. The Russians have declared the fight against ISIS is over and they will pull out, but they said that before and still stayed.

The US has no more need for their Kurdish proxies, and have dropped them. They didn't even support the independence vote in Iraq. Russia has offered them what? - satellite data, which is effectively free anyway.

The Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon arc has been established by Russia and has Turkish support too. This is a big win geo-strategically. China is ready to step forward to begin the rebuilding of Syria, with its One Road plan via Iran looking strong.

Saudi Arabia has lost all round, and must have spent a fortune on supplying ISIS in Syria. Now Tillerson is telling them to ease up on Yemen. No doubt the CIA is preparing another coup for when King Salman abdicates.

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Oh PCR, I think you lost it. Haven't you heard about The Russian and Chinese alternatives to SWIFT, and IMF and World Bank? They've been working on it for years. They are quite ready the world to be split into 2 blocs, one trading in Dollars and using mobile phones, and the other using Yuan and with mobile phones. China makes ALL mobile phones and virtually all routers.

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The reality is R-C only have a responsibility to protect the R-C's people. Plus Crimea, Syria and now North Korea, and not Ukraine. They won't die on a point of principle over all the others. How unreasonable of them, says PCR. They should die to protect Cuba, Venezuela and all the rest!

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When PCR has so many questions as to why Russia and China are acting the way they are, it only shows that he doesn't understand what they are trying to achieve.

It would be all too easy for them to veto the UN resolution, but Trump and his hawkish Deep State puppeteers would go it alone and that would lead to WW3.

They are trying to build a new, better world, not die in a nuclear attack on a point of principle.

The desperate measures that the US is bringing to the world (war resulting in chaos everywhere they go) shows that they are getting close to the end of their Empire's lifetime.

A trade war with China would kill them off for good - how will the stock market take to US exports being cut by $115 billion a year and empty shelves in Walmart? So that is an empty threat and R-C know it.

The recent oil contracts in Yuan, convertible to gold, threaten to kill of the Petrodollar, and will be joined by Venezuela with Iran and Iraq and others not far behind. This is the last gasp.

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The difference that the slant of an article can make is obvious here, and so refreshing. How many countries could make a go of things after a major war and 60 years of sanctions and isolation?

How the MSM can show B-1B nuclear bombers flying over the Korean peninsular, and at the same time call North Korea "provocative", I don't know.