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Signed up! Thanks for the BlogHop

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I always drool over your instagram posts. This location especially looks like some place my family would love to visit.
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Adding Plug-ins do slow it all down and I'm not a coder {but I'm learning} I've been going through one by one of my plug-ins and figuring out the coding so I can eventually get rid of them all {or mostly all} HUGE task!

Let's see, what new with wibiya? I love seeing facebook activity because I do sometimes forget to click over, tweeting from your site, and now you can make a little change too. Just a little added bonus. I love to chat so having the chat feature and letting readers watch all of my YouTube video {really there isn't much right now} but they don't need to leave my site. Bounce rate...way down!
I love your new site layout by the way. I haven't been over for a minute. Before I submerged myself into my photography, cupcake & deal blog I had loads of time to surf and connect. I miss it so. Looks great girl!!
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This event looked phenomenal. Such a great opportunity to meet great folks all across the board.

I love intense debate. I had it on all three of my sites for months but no one "got it". If my image doesn't show up for a particular commenting system...I go sign up! Cracks me up :-) So I ended up taking it off because I think it was confusing my readers. Oh I miss you ID. ____I do love my wibiya tool bar though. Have you ladies checked that out yet? It's been around for a minute too but they've added some really cool features. I'm all about the gadget.____

Thanks for sharing your trips! Totally diggin Mr. RollBack's Story.
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Ahhh..Thank you. Of course you know I\'ll be working on it forever :-)

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You are so welcome!! I love your new icon...cute!!!

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Hey Karen...You are so right!! There is a Dollar General There. Thanks for the clear up. Hope your doing well :-)

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Thanks Karen. Kat just found some Gillette Razors on clearance at her Target for $2 and change. If you\'ve gotten your P&G already for this Sunday {which you should have for Vegas} there\'s a $4 coupon and you could get these for free!!

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Thanks Alyson for the honesty. I love to hear how it works out for others.

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Ahhh Thanks! It all was super yummy...hoped the pictures came across that way :-)