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The reason for this actually harks back to the beginning of mechanical typesetting in the 18th century. The printer's guidelines back then specified an "em-space" between sentences and an "en-space" between words. An "em-space" is a space that is as wide as the lowercase letter "m" in the specified font.

With typewriting and monospaced fonts, there's no difference between the en and em-spaces, so the one-space, two-space became the convention. Unfortunately, many people were taught that way without understanding the underlying reason why. So it became instinctive and reflexive.

Modern computers don't use monospaced fonts anymore. With the advent of real proportional fonts and proper typesetting and kerning being re-introduced into the systems, the old-rules are new-again, and a proper font will automatically use the em-space and en-space appropriately. Therefore, hitting the space bar will insert either space as appropriate, and double-spacing is no longer required.

So the real answer is, you think that way because you're old enough to have been trained on a monospace font typewriter, but not old enough to remember the time before the typewriters and back to manual typesetting. :)

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I have a 3GS with the old bootrom (just checked, it definitely has 359.3).

Will 0.9.9b5 give me an untethered jailbreak with iOS5 (released version)?

Since I have Windows, can I use 0.9.9b4 with the released version of iOS5, or should I wait for b5 for Windows to try this?

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Most common methods of injection of malware on a WP website. I have seen all of these.

1. TimThumb. Most popular method at the moment.

2. Shared hosting account with bad cross-user permissions. Basically somebody gets in on a different website on the same server, puts an auto-hack script on there, script runs occasionally and searches out vulnerable files on the server, then appends its own code. Very, very common. Auto-injection scripts have gotten much smarter too, and can tell what kind of site they're injecting into and adapt accordingly. All injection scripts know about WP and will perform specific hacks for it when they can.

3. Vulnerable plugin. Most scanning tools out in the wild nowadays run hack attempts on a wide variety of vulnerabilities, and plugin vulnerabilities are no exception. Always update your plugins. Always use well-supported plugins.

4. FTP credentials theft. This is a surprising one but it still happens. You run some kind of malware, it finds your FTP credentials stored on the PC, uploads them somewhere, and you get malware auto uploaded to your site. This once bit me, in fact. Solution: Don't use FTP, use a more secure method. Don't save the password in programs like FileZilla either, just type the password in every time.

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A re-install from the dashboard will *not* change the wp-config.php file. So be sure to check that yourself.

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This needed to be explained? I mean, hell, did you see the size of that speaker?

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It's a mega jug and it is supposed to be used with the Family Meal, which feeds 4 people. Have you never shared a pitcher of drink before?

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Does this even work anymore? Now your links just lead to broken redirect loops.

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Perhaps the fact that you're sharing photos with the world *is* the privacy concern he's referring to?

Generally, people don't want to share photos with the world. They want to share them with their friends.

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Skype gave me a similar warning on my iPhone the first time I ran it. App works fine though.

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Considering how long it takes for the FB Comments system to even appear on the page, it's no wonder nobody bothers to comment there.