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I assume that nuns are now persona non grata on the French riviera?

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I think that if ANY MP had been murdered, regardless of their background, it would have been huge news as it is an assault on our democracy. re: the amount of coverage, I think that the fact that media has changed radically over the past few decades should answer that one. No rolling 24 hour news channels, no internet, no social media, it's absolutely no surprise at all this is getting more coverage.

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While I don't doubt that the person had mental health issues; anyone willing to assassinate anyone this fashion clearly does have something wrong with them, I am interested to hear what the source of the Telegraph's claims are. The wording appears to be similar to, but not quite the same as, that from this local report - http://www.batleynews.co.uk/news/local/volunteer-...

The crucial difference being that where the report states 'physiotherapy', the Telegraph appear to have taken this and have accidentally misread it as 'psychotherapy'. The two things are completely different, with the former having nothing to do with mental illness.

None of this changes how shocking this whole episode is, however my intention is simply to ensure that this is being reported responsibly.

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No, they don't. Only a fool would argue that the EU does not have problems, but then only a fool would say that they have a reasonable idea regarding ALL the pros and cons of leaving. I do not think that there has been any critical thought on the Leave side at all, with their attempts to boil the argument down to the number of bananas that can be in a bunch (total nonsense anyway) and the constant repeating of a ficticious amount of money spent on the EU that, despite rebuke from many agencies, continues to be trotted out as an out and out lie.

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The arguments made by Leave are based in utter fantasy land. According to them, the money sent to the EU is like Jesus' bread and fish; a few billion will magically transform into an NHS that isn't in dire straits, new schools, a lower deficit, and more. If they make another promise, they can just shove it on the pile with the rest of them; all will be dealt with in this brave new world.

Migration? An Australian points system will do the trick! Rather like the one we have at the moment but don't let things like that get in the way. But to extend this to the EU? What if they want a reciprocal deal, where you are expected to speak the language and have a job? Just change those plans to retire to Spain; Cornwall should be good enough for you!

Trade agreements? They'll be bending over backwards to serve us, whatever we want! Make an example of us? Never! We're not GREAT Britain for nothing!

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Can you boil vegetables to within an inch of their lives, leaving them tasteless or do you always feel the need to add seasoning? If the latter, forget it - you're not British.

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Isn't it the second time in six months he's done this? 'Team NIgella' etc... is he just incredibly dim and thinks this is the popular thing to say, or is he doing it on purpose because he can?

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What; he has to do it there and then? Labour 'forced him' into it? Please! As if Labour has ever forced him to do anything.

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So the tory line on this is, 'well they started it!!!'?

Playground politicians.

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The main thing that I've learnt from this whole episode is that a goldfish would be an ideal candidate for one of the top jobs at news international, what with their incredible ability to forget what they did even 10 minutes ago.