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My dear Me too after all we are all refugees. Regarding the Islamists we are muslims but I dought that they are muslims or they don't the real meaning of muslims " Muslim is who save the others muslims from his tangue and his hand" that is what we call muslim, do think those who are killing innocent people without any reason are muslims ? ????????????????? they are not. they are not.

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H/J Muuse waa kaa.

Cheers boy. take it easy

Ramadan Kareem

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Mr. Naliye the pessimistic, I am against your idea. I am optimistic with the idea saying that the world are encouraging the democratic especially the western world, they might take a full scale step if Al-Shabab attacks Somaliland, and defending Somaliland, the only stable place among all the area. they trying to keep it stable and sustain its stability.

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Faras I am agree with you that they are working hard, do you know how much was their monthly wages it is somting equivalent to 20 USD, and may be they haven't received their salaries for the last 6 months.
They deseave their monthly wages to be adjusted, and medical care for them selves and their families to be maintained, and keep on training them up to refresh their minds.

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I am 100% agree with you hassan, but may be there is a deal thru Dhiigshiil trying to make a close commericial freindship between somaliland and Djibuti

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Welcome on board Mr. Raggeh. We are very pleased to read our country man's Internaitonal broadcaster writing some thing about Somaliland for the first time in History.
We are wormly welcoming Mr. Raggeh with a red carpet, saying welocme Brother soul we need your experience.

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We were not expecting Ex-president Dahir Riyale Kahin's the current political move, it is really amazing move, he has declared that he was real politician and greate.
We are all saying Congratuation Mr. President, may god's blessing pave your future path. Aamin.


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Walaal Sharmarke, Somali 1960 ayaanu raadiya is nidhi, maantana waa kontonguuradii 20 June 1960 waxaanu walaal ku talo jirraa haddii eebe nala qabto horta inaanu annagu wax noqonno somalina dee ilaahbaa naga dhaliyoo ka tegimiyno ee bal horta somalidu waxa tidhaa " OOdo dhacameed siday u kala sarreeyaan ayaa loo guraaye" horta Somaliland ayaanu dhidibada u aasaynaa oo sidii hore wey dhalatay ooy dhaqaaqday , yeelimeynee maanta waxa ay noqon doontaa wey dhalatay oo dhidibka loo aasay.

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Mr. Abbas Idris Al-Salaamu Alaykum Warahamatullahi wa barakatu
After greetings,
Historically you are aware of Somaliland boundries, while you was been in Somaliland so long, you an assist the somaliland government the recent somaliland boundries, We as Somaliland Diaspora appreciate your initionted action regards the above mentioned subject.
May allah Al-Mighty bless you.

Best Regards