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One has to wonder if they are looking for voter fraud and voter intimidation by anyone, including such as the New Black Panther Party and the Democrats, or if they are only looking for vote fraud by Republicans. If the former, they'll be busier than a hound dog in a flea circus. If the latter, they'll be bored to tears.

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If he does, or rather, whether he does or not, I would so much love to see Romney have the U.S. Marshalls arrest Obama and Holder and turn them over to the Mexican government so they can try them for Fast and Furious. That would be the only way those two will ever start to be brought to justice for their criminal actions. Perhaps if that were to happen, the "unbiased" main stream media might just stir themselves to report on the trial, the evidence presented, and the outcome of the trial. Nixon would probably have been convicted if he had been brought to trial. The Senate failed in their duty to convict and remove Clinton from office, and that was a Senate with a Republican majority, IIRC. The current Senate would also fail to do their duty with Obama, and it would be impossible to find an unbiased jury in this country. Too many would vote to acquit because Obama is black and a liberal Democrat, and too many others would be ready before any trial got under way to vote to convict because, despite the running of interference by the MSM, we know what a liar and corrupt Marxist he is.

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"That instantaneous scoring distorted the reality of the debates for the journalists and the surrogates in the spin room." Which means, Juan, that you guys are really ticked off because the people, having discussions amongst themselves managed to form opinions without you in the so-called unbiased press telling them what opinions to have. Kinda sucks, doesn't it? Not having a monopoly on what gets viewed as news. Gee whiz! If people are given the opportunitiy of form thier own opinions, and know others have the same opinions that are different than what the Ministry of Propaganda for the DNC want them to have, well, you guys at ABCCBSNBCMSNBCNYTLATPBSNPR just might as well fold up your tents and find some real, productive work.
That instantanious scoring was a whole lot more accurate than the scoring you in the media do, because it, at least was honest and from the people, not the aloof, elite journalists.