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kinda sad/funny that that tweet says people you can't hide your autism you can't have it when a lot of "autism" parents put their kids through therapies designed to do that like ABA.

Also good article, quite relatable.

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If you accept people mocking and one group telling that group ( usually one with less power), oh just toughen up , ( kind of a callous thing to say) people will never learn to behave in a reasonably nice way. Social justice would never be furthered, if say you just let people make demon possession jokes about epileptics ( and they did when i was a kid, probably still do but some at least might not now, because of changing treatment of some disabilitys.) It may be better to make the humour at the expense of the group in power like some joke about how NT parents react by breaking down crying like pathetic babys as though it's the end of the world and autistic parents are more reasonable. Jokes at someones expense are bad for their emotional state , jokes that make a point should be at the expense of the people in power like neurotypicals after all they can take it right?

Not everybody can just tough it out or get a thicker skin , some people have difficultys and the world becomes harsh enough they can't cope, they end up on the street or killing themselves, should we just let people torment them till they die or fail, or maybe we should try and make the world a better place by not accepting this sort of "humour " they are not laughing with you , believe me these people are laughing at you because they think they are better in their own minds. People still mock folks in wheelchairs and with canes, if they think they can get away with it. This sort of behaviour should be stopped and not accepted.